Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Do You Read?

Don't most of us wish we had more time to read?  I know I do.  Tell me about your reading habits.

1.  Do you sit with a book and read three hours straight?  Or do you read a chapter and wait so long that you have to re-read it to remember what it was?

2.  Do you read one book at a time?

3.  Do you read magazines?

4.  Where do you read?

As for me:
1.  I never read 3 hours straight.  The only thing I might do 3 hours straight is paint or blog/write.  Reading makes me sleepy too.  After 30 minutes I am usually dozing.  And often I look back at a chapter..."Oh yeah, I remember now...."

2.  No.  I usually have several going.  I have my audio book in the car which I LOVE since I'm almost always alone in the car.  Favorite 'me time'.   I have my book-club-book going.  So at least two.

3.  I devour magazines!  Maybe I like Real Simple best.  And you?

4.  You can't come in but I read in the bath tub with bubbles.  My next favorite place is the library in a comfy chair.  I get so distracted if I just grab my book and flop on the sofa.

What works for you? 

Reading is good for the soul.  It's good for the mind, the brain.  It's entertaining, relaxing, and fun. 

Live well and read!


  1. 1. I would, if I had the time.
    2. Usually, sometimes 2.
    3. Yes, a wide variety.
    4. Anywhere, but mainly at home.

    Reading is high on my list and I read every day.

  2. 1. Sometimes, I will read an entire book in a day but most of the time, it's about an hour before bedtime.

    2. Nope, I have 4 books going right now.

    3. Not very often, too expensive!

    4. Living room or bed.

  3. Aw, I wish I had the time...yes I know, that's not an excuse.

    I love to read anything I like and find interesting but at home.

    You have such a lovely blog!


  4. I Love reading - but haven't done enough of it over the last few years, with the kids very little, when I had a break all I wanted to do was sleep or just close my eyes. Now I'm rediscovering books and have joined a book club too, which is really making me think about why I like what I like, and introducing me to new books too!

    When I find a book I really get into, I can't put it down and find myself reading while cooking, eating, waiting for my kids at school - literally every moment I have.

    Generally I just have one book going at a time, and I read anywhere I can. On the exercise bike I find is a good place as when the book is good, I don't notice my muscles working!

  5. Jill, I need to try reading on the bike...two birds with one stone. When my kids were little the best I could do was grab a mag article at mother's or my MILs. What are you reading right now?

  6. Thanks Betty. I totally get it about time...not enough of it to do everything you'd like to. Sandra

  7. Jan, what are you reading right now? Sometimes when I read in the library I fall asleep. Embarrassing.

  8. I'm currently reading Made To Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.

  9. Jan, I'll have to check that out....don't know it.

  10. I love books. My husband is a bookseller so he gets a 20% discount... Very dangerous.
    I try to read about one book a week. It used to be more when I still took public transport to work. I usually have one book going at a time, sometimes one novel and one non-fiction book.
    I love to read whole afternoons on weekends, and I do read at least an hour on most weeknights after dinner.
    I do read some magazines, but not much. All Dutch ones. My favourite is a recipe magazine called foodies.

  11. Thanks for the comment Girlinmaths. I actually love audio books too! I get them from the library and really look forward to car trips!


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