Monday, April 25, 2011

Is Your Computer Screen Dirty?

My computer screen is so dirty.  I must admit.  I've had some kind of fear of cleaning it.  Today I will face that fear and do it anyway!  Take off my shoes and walk on those hot coals!  I can do this.

Here is what I have found out through researching reliable sites.  I personally am no expert but they are, at least they think they are.

Shut down, unplug, remove battery first.

1.  Do not use paper towels or any kind of paper product. Paper is made from wood and there might be a small splinter. Can scratch.

2.  Do not use tap water or mineral water.  They leave mineral spots on your screen.  You may use distilled water. 

3.  Do not use soap.  Use vinegar instead.  Spray vinegar on a soft, lint free, dry cloth.  Do not spray the screen like you're cleaning a window.  They used to say you could clean your screen with iso-propyl alcohol but recommend against this now.  Some "computer people" I know still use alcohol though.  Use at your own risk.

4.  Resist the temptation to spray with Windex.  It's not a window.  It can degrade your screen.

5.  Do not spray anything onto the screen.  No drips allowed.  That's why you spray the cloth.

6.  Gently wipe from top to bottom. Do not scrub! Do not press hard. Be gentle.

7.  Special LCD cleaner cloths that you use once and throw away are now available for anyone who just cannot overcome this fear. 
8.  If you can't overcome this fear, I suggest you not bungy jump.
9.  My computer now smells a little like vinegar but it is spotless.  I can see myself in it!
Let my know how it works for you.  How do you clean your screen?


  1. since I have the old Pc Monitor I use a wipe specially mad for it. no unplugging or removing a battery necessary. Just grab a wipe and go to town.

  2. Wow, this is very detailed! If you use a dry microfiber cloth, that will take the dust off the sreen. Then you can apply screen cleaner (I just use eco-friendly window spray) and sprpay the cloth directly, never the screen. Then wipe. My dad gave me a great product called LensPro I think, they make them for laptops and TV's and the soft charcoal pad takes oils off the screen-it works amazing!

  3. I know Karla. It does seem a little over the top. However it is a delicate screen so guess the precautions are worth it.

    Mike...sounds like those wipes are the way to go.

    You wouldn't believe how fanatical some people are about cleaning their screens.

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