Monday, April 11, 2011

How Do You Recycle?

Do you recycle?  Does your place of employment recycle?  Does your gym recycle?  

If not, it's never too late to start.  Usually it is as simple as raising awareness, placing a recycle container in a convenient place, and having an easy way to get rid of it.

If you are already an avid recycler, please share how you've incorporated recycling in your daily life at home or at work. If you haven't started yet, here are five easy steps to get started.

1.  Find out if your garbage/waste company picks up recyclables.  Most of them do now.  Find out what they take.  The list keeps getting longer and longer.  My outside "garbage can" now usually holds only one, maybe two, small bags a week. 

2.  Designate a box for your daily newspapers and another for your old magazines.  When everyone is finished reading, put them in the box and out they go once a week.  Easy.  Another option is to recycle your magazines to nursing homes and assisted living centers.  Taking your name and addresss off the front is a good idea if you are concerned about identity theft. 

3.   Keep a special trash can by your printer.  Recycle that paper.

4.  When you empty a can or plastic beverage container, immediately rinse it out.  Not good to support the bugs in the community!  I keep mine on the kitchen cabinet until my next trip to the garage.  Then straignt to  the recycle bin.

5.  Children outgrow their clothes.  We get tired of ours and buy new ones.  Recycle what you no longer use.  Give it away to friends, take it to Goodwill, or to a local homeless shelter.  You can even sell it on EBay if you need the cash.  Just make sure it gets back in circulation.

There are just a few ways to get started.  Share what works for you.

What an easy way to help the planet!  What a good thing to do for your children and their children.  Doing what you can to leave a cleaner Earth ...a smaller footprint some say.  That is what it's all about for me.  


  1. I love passing on our things like clothes and old magazines to others. It makes me happy to think of them still being of use.

  2. We recycle regularly. Our town has a program that we recycle aluminum, paper and plastic. I keep the bin right at our garage door-so everything gets dumped after being rinsed. Paper goes into one paper bag. We shred regular paper and put that into a paper bag for them to pick up as well. Books and magazines get donated to the Senior Center, Library or Church. Clothing is done twice a year and goes to Goodwill. We don't compost. However, if we have one full bag out for trash a week, that's a lot.

  3. Thanks Debbie....I think it's a great feeling too! Just feels right...because it IS right!

  4. Dear Toll House, Thanks for sharing. You are a great example and inspiration. Once you get going it just becomes "normal" and naural...

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  8. A neighbor convinced me to start recycling a few years ago and the biggest thing I noticed is that I use so many fewer plastic trash bags each week. I'm not only saving the environment, I'm saving myself a few dollars.

  9. Karen, I think recycling kinda grows on you. When I first started I did it but I wasn't really into it or attached. Now I just love the feeling of doing my little bit to help. And, you're right, i does save a few dollars too.

  10. Can you recycle just 3 single serve beverage containers a week? Join the challenge, blog about it and earn points. Learn more from this video I found on YouTube:

  11. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your sweet comment on my guest post on Karen's blog. :)

    I love that you posted about this because I'm passionate about being green and recycling/reusing as much as possible.

    When I first moved to FL, I checked our city's website and made sure we had 2 recycling bins in our garage. Under the sink, I have labeled two small garbage pails-one for paper and the other for bottles/cans/etc. They fill up every other day and it's easy to carry the small bins out vs. a bunch of loose items. They only recycle #1 & #2 plastic but Whole Foods has a Preserve gimme 5 bin where I bring a big bag of our #5 plastics, they get made into various products like toothbrushes, containers, etc.

    I donate everything that we no longer use and I bring read magazines to my Chiropractor or Dentist's office so someone else can read them (I just cut out the address info first).

    We have a compost pile too for our produce and floral scraps and it's been great.

    I love saving glass jars and using them for vases or filling with lefover soup, sauce vs. plastic which can leach chemicals.

    Have a blessed day!


  12. Do you take advantage of Recyclebank's recycling programs? Check out this video.


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