Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Banish The BUTS

"I would love to start a new business from home, BUT I don't know where to start."
"I could lose weight, BUT I cook for my family and have treats around for the kids and I eat them."
"I 'd like to read a good book,  BUT it just doesn't happen."
"I want to exercise, BUT I don't have time."
"I wish I didn't drink so much wine, BUT I need to relax and unwind."
"I would save money, BUT it's just not possible."

Do these sound familiar?  Anybody you know have a steady stream of "BUTS"?

Someone wise once told me that once you throw in the word "but", it erases everything that went before it. 

We don't mean to erase those good intentions, that's for sure.  We all have certain areas of our lives we'd like to uplevel.  Most of us are incredibly busy and we have to make choices and set priorities.  I am one of those people who just loves so many things I get spread too thin.  All of my own choosing.

Next time you hear yourself say the word BUT, take one moment and consider changing the word to AND.  It acknowledges the truth that we are busy, our lives are full, we truly want to follow through on those good intentions, AND our schedules demand we make choices with our precious free moments.  By replacing BUT with AND, we don't negate ourselves.  We stay in the flow. We keep our desires and our goals alive. 

I am guest blogging soon and I'd really like to write the article today...BUT AND my day is already scheduled to the max.  I want to stay on my diet...BUT AND I have lunch and dinner plans out with friends. I need to go to the gym today BUT AND I'll just take a walk instead.

Just this morning one of my inspirational television "day-starters" said, "You believe what you tell yourself more than you believe what someone else tells you."  So be careful what you say to yourself.  Choose your words as carefully with your self talk as you do when talking to a new friend.

Enjoy the day!  "I would BUT ..."   or  "I will AND...I still have to have that root canal."  Makes a difference.  Try it. Have a BUT-Free day!


  1. Great post!! I'll attempt to incorporate that into my life!!! No if, ands, or BUTs about it!! ;-)

  2. love this post!! now following you via UBP!!

  3. Thank you for the visit. Blessings.

  4. Very inspiring! Thanks for linking this post up on my blog!


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