Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look And Feel 20 Years Younger

Who in their right mind wouldn't love to look 20 years younger?  Before you say it's impossible, just listen up.  Today Oprah's show features  Bob Greene, her personal trainer.  He is teaching a group of women to learn to take care of themselves and reminds us all, "Don't be at the bottom of your own list!"

Here is his 4-step plan.  This information is directly from today's Oprah show.

I.  Exercise

Exercise is non-negotiable and makes the biggest difference in our health.

Level 1:  First 30 days:        200 minutes of cardio a week. 
Level 2:  Second 30 days.   300 minutes a week

Add stretching and light weights 3 days a week.
If you use a treadmill, elevate it or it's not helping.
Excercise early in the day so it doesn't disrupt your sleep.

II. Skin

A.  Taking care of your skin makes a big difference in the way you look.
      1.  Exfoliate daily
      2.  Cleanse day and night, especially at night
      3.  Nourish day and night, especially at night

B. Anti-Aging Treatments Available Today
      1.  Laser Treatments
      2.  Vaporize moles
      3.  Microdermabrasian
      4.  Fillers

III.  Sleep

We all need 7-9 hours a night to avoid putting our health at risk.  Leptin is a hormone produced while we sleep and it helps regulate the appetite.  If you are not sleeping 7-9 hours you, are probably not getting enough Leptin to help control your appetite.  Considering that I just dozed off during the show with my laptop in my lap, no doubt, I do not get enough sleep!

Caffeine and alcohol disrupt sleep.  Menopause brings reduction in estrogen which interfers with sleep.

REM sleep is about 25% of our sleep time and that is when we dream.  Slow-wave sleep (stage 3 sleep)  is what we really need and we get less and less of it as we age...even though we need more and more of it.  Although napping is good if you need to be reenergized,  it may lower your sleep drive and interupt your sleep cycle.

IV.  Healthy Eating

Bob recommends a 1700 calorie a day diet. 
 Half your place should include fruits and vegetables. 
Replace starches with whole grains, brown rice, and soy.
Use spices like ginger. You can put 2T of  basil in salads, or throw in 1/4 cup of parsley.
Each meal must include super foods like almonds, sweet potatoes, blueberries, eggplant, olive oil, and lentils.

Bob says, "Have a multi vitamin, calcium, and an at least one omega-3 tablet every day of your life."  And that's a quote. 

Check out this excerpt from Bob's book if you are interested in participating in the Challenge.

All the best in your "looking and feeling younger" journey!


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