Friday, March 18, 2011

What Are Japanese Moms Thinking?

What would you be thinking if you were in a shelter in Japan?

 Seeing yourself as a mom in a shelter makes it more real, and once it becomes real, true compassion kicks in.   

I think of the young moms and the pregnant ones worrying about radiation.  I wonder about those like my 90 year old mom who can walk, but barely.   And litle children.  It is cold there.  Some are in shelters with no heat and very little food.  Many are missing, trapped somewhere, clinging to life still.  The visual is gut wrenching.  But more than the visual I wonder about their thoughts.  What is going through their minds?  I thought of the 500 people taking shelter in a high school gymnasium.  If you could scan their minds what would you find?  If a PowerPoint rolled their thoughts across the big screen, what would they be?

It's practically impossible to think about nothing. Whether you call them thoughts or prayers, ideas are always going on within us.   Usually trivial thoughts about our day, our errands, our schedules.  What a luxury when our thoughts can be trivial!  What the affected people in Japan are thinking I can only imagine.  Would it be stuff like: "What has happened to my house, my car?".  Or would it be grieving over a pet who got swept away?  Or a family member who is lost?  At this point, do thoughts just go to survival?  "I'm hungry.  I'm freezing."  Or are left brains kicking in to plan, "how I will recover from this?".

Some of the tenets of my personal belief system, on the sidebar of this blog, are:
  • Appreciate What Is Working In Your Life  
  • Find The Gift In Every Situation  
  • Focus On What You Want, Not What You Don't Want  
  • Make Time To Be Quiet  
  • Trust Your Faith  
  • Walk Away From Negativity 
I strongly believe we can train ourselves and our thoughts to be in line with these statements and our life will be better.  But is it possible, if you are in Japan in that gym, to think like this?  If we viewed the projection of their thoughts would we find individuals going, in thought, to this higher level, or is just impossible when you are hungry, cold, and misplaced for days on end ?

Peace and Love to Japan.

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