Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Natural Highs And Wellness

I was very rushed this morning so I decided to share some on my Natural Highs with you.  Honestly I just needed to reach in my archives and retrieve something quickly.  So, here is one of my favorite pieces of calligraphy.  I wrote it one of those times when I needed to remember the good...and how much of it all is good.  (My script looks a little out of perspective due to my photography but I'm letting that be okay.) 
So here you go. 

Another high is recognizing others who are meaningful to me.  I've never really thought about that in connection with my blog until today.  I am participating in the 31 Days To A Better Blog project sponsored by SITS.  Our task today was to do something special to recognize one of our readers.  Immediately I thought of Shelley at I'm Still Standing.
Shelley is very family oriented so I know that comes first.  Then as administrator of this Blog Project she gives us ideas every day to improve our blogs.  Still she finds time to keep her own blog up to date, direct this blog project....and still support all of us participants.
She knows we need the encouragement to stay with the project and FINISH!  It's always good to finish what you start and Shelley is doing her best to help us do just that!
Enjoy my highs....and do let me know what some of yours are!

What are your natural highs? 


  1. Hello. I am a new follower from Take Three Tuesday!!!

    Have a Great Day!!!



  2. Kelly...that is totally and completely priceless! A real high!

  3. Time on the yoga mat, the gym, or curled up in front of the fireplace on a cold rainy or snowy day. A glass of wine with friends as the sun sets. Being able to appreciate the "here and now" in life, and not wanting to be anywhere else. - the biggest, most profound high of all.

  4. Great highs! My highs for the moment are going to T'ai Chi, a glass of wine, dinner alone with my husband, skiing on a clear day, and my children's hugs and kisses.

  5. Knitting, hiking, having a deep conversation with a friend, and meditation are all great natural highs for e.

  6. I love everybody's natural highs. So great that we have these "go-to" places to relax and recharge or jus enjoy. Thank you for contributing.

  7. Love your list. My high is Bob and the kids/grands. Everything else is gravy. :-)


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