Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Go Do It And Get On With Life

I'm excited about the 'little' goals I set last week and thanks for your encouragement.  Since today is March 1, the only one I can report on yet is 'have money left over at the end of the month and put it in savings'.  Check!  Done!  It wasn't a fortune but it got done!   I have a few more days left on the others and I will need them.  Stop by in a few days and see how I do. 

It occurred to me that I keep saying "I need to get my eyes checked".  I've been saying it since mid December.  My near and far vision are fine but computer distance is not good. Makes me squint. Squinting causes wrinkles.  Enough said.

So I'm starting a different kind of list of short term goals.  These may not be as 'fun', but remember, you count!  These you do for yourself.

1.  Call today for an appointment with the eye doctor.
2.  Schedule teeth cleaning.  Didn't realize I am overdue.
3.  It's not time for mine yet, but put pap smear on the calendar.
4.  Same with mammogram.
5.  Get sunscreen for my face and body that I will actually use. Spring is almost here.

6.  Schedule a colonoscopy (oh for joy!) if you are over 40 or 50. Ask the doc when.

I told ya it wasn't a fun list, but just 'git her done' as Larry the Cable Guy says.  Then go play.  By all means go play.  Like the time my breast lump came back benign I took myself out and me, myself, and I had the greatest of times!

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  1. I'm a new follower today...found you're following Winter Weight Loss on 5 Minutes for Mom, too. Seems like you and I have similar goals this year. I like the feel of being in control-and organizing has truly helped....especially in my home and my diet.

  2. What? You don't enJOY your mammogram? Good goals, Sandra - taking control of our lives, health, finances, and spiritual well-being is under-emphasized in our gluttonous, commercialized society. Nice message, lady!

  3. Now, I don't know if I like the butt-exam on that list. I've heard that bad things can come of that exam. Plus, putting my rear in the air is almost more than I can 'bear'. Hee Hee

  4. Thanks y'all. THC, I WISH I were in control of my diet. I keep trying!

    Valerie, Mammos and I go way back. What can I say.

    Marjory, Marjory, The butt no longer goes in the air. You go nite-nite...and well, I'm not sure where your butt goes butt goes but you won't even know about it so how bad can that be??? Hee.Hee.

    We must laugh through these things someone thought of for us to do in our free time!

    A Healthier and Wealthier You and Me

  5. As a public health doctor I think these goals are great! What's better than looking after yourself by getting screened? Well maybe lots of things like shopping, travelling but these goals could potentially save your life unlike the other stuff so very well done you!
    :-) stopping over from SITS!

  6. I just had my (FIRST) pap smear and a mammogram.

    I do get my teeth cleaned regularly though and my eyes checked once a year.

    Great list!

  7. A Caribbean Princess Doctor...I love it! Thank you.

    Deidre, Way to go girl!

  8. Great site and while not a fun list one that is just as important. Now following you from one of the blog hops. Hope you'll come visit me

  9. Great list!
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  11. I am a new follower and new to blogging with a little over a month experience and this is my 4th Blog Hop. I think I am finally getting the hang of it! I am following your blog thru GFC and would really appreciate a follow back! Your blog is awesome! Mine is not so technical but that is good for me while I am learning.

    Mary @http://mmbearcupoftea.blogspot.com

  12. Hello,
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  13. Good to make a list and keep it handy so that we don't put off or forget!

    One word though, make sure that sunscreen does not have carcinogens, many do, (I have not used it for years and I am in Australia) and take your Vitamin D 1000IU capsules!!

    Hugs, Jan

  14. Thanks for the reminder! I have a dental appointment set for later in the month, so I just need to schedule the pap and mammogram. Here's to our continued good health!

  15. I need to do 1, 3, and 5 - thanks for the reminder! Oh and I should go over the budget too, to see what I have leftover!

  16. What? You don't enJOY your mammogram? Good goals, Sandra - taking control of our lives, health, finances, and spiritual well-being is under-emphasized in our gluttonous, commercialized society. Nice message, lady!

  17. A good list and one I can adopt right off since I need to do each of these things, too and keep stalling.


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