Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day Of Spring 2011 In My Backyard

Exists only in my mind...

 Our Earth is brilliant.  Even though it has been in the midst of great drama with the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami, it doesn't miss a beat getting ready for Spring. When I am embroiled in a drama that shakes my little world, many regular everyday things fall off my radar.  Mother Earth?  She keeps right on keeping on.

She remembers the equinox, to the moment, when the sun crosses her equator to signal the beginning of Spring.  No one needs to remind her to bud out the flowers and turn the grass green.  She knows not to tilt that day, not  away from the sun nor toward it.  No clocks have to be set and no time needs to be measured to be sure she remembers to make, for that one day, night and day exactly the same length.

I'm grateful every morning when I wake up and all during the day...for many things.  One thing is my appreciation for the solar system we live in, our Earth which keeps turning and bringing the flowers and the tides to the beach for matter what else she has on her plate.

Here is what Mother Earth has going on in my backyard.  What is going on in yours?


  1. Beautiful! I just love spring. We may not get many days of this lovely weather here in Texas so I am determined to enjoy every moment. Isn't it amazing how all these trees that have looked dead all winter suddenly come alive again?

  2. Yes Rachael. Nice to know we can all rejuvenate...just like the trees!

  3. Very pretty! We don't have sprouts yet.

  4. Pretty pictures. We took some of our elephant ears and banana tree plants out to the yard this weekend and now next weekend they are talking frost :(

  5. Thanks for sharing your blues. How talented you are!

    Happy Blue Monday, Sandra.

  6. What a beautiful painting! And beautiful pictures of your yard! It's snowing here right now, and our yard is still covered with snow from this winter. I can't wait to see flowers and green leaves!

    I love what you wrote about Mother Nature. I'm sure she'll come through for us soon. ;-)

  7. I don't have a backyard. But we do have a beautiful front porch with all sorts of blooming wonders.

  8. nice blue photo. the color is so lovely. happy BM!

    btw, followed your blog. hope you follow mine too. follow me here too.


  9. Such true words, spring really lifts the spirits.

    Beautifull Camelia, in my garden the the show stopper at the moment, like yours, is the Forsythia x


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