Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turning Pennies Into Dollars

I've been following a piece of Suze Orman's advice for the last 3 or 4 weeks.  Although I love paying with correct change, I'd begun to notice how often "old ladies" (like me...sorry but it's true) hold up the line in the grocery store digging around in their purse for exact change.  I realize I probably do that too without meaning to delay everyone else.

That had started to eat at me a little.

Then I heard Suze Orman. I'm sure you know her.  Right?  She has her own call-in TV show, "Can You Afford It?" The author of numerous books she is also a frequent guest on current talk shows.

Suze says "Don't pay with correct change."  She says, instead, to pay only with paper money, put the change in your pocket, and take it to the bank once a month.  Well, today was my day to "take it to the bank".  My husband puts his change in the jar too so I had a nice, heavy load of coins. The bank has a free coin machine counter so you don't even have to roll them!  I walked away with $65.61.  I was delighted.  That's enough to inspire me.....and I won't hold up the line anymore either!

Even though I continue to use my debit card most of the time, this tactic has been a great success!  How do you handle your cash purchases?


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  5. I most do this already but I admit it's more out of laziness and I have change all over the place. We round it all up about once a year or so and end u with at least a few hundred bucks.

    I do use try to pay with change if it will give me an even dollar back though. You know, like if your total is $15.02 or something.

  6. That does sound like a good idea.... must admit I like to keep the change in my purse at a minimum.
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  8. Thanks for your comments everyone! I really love my new approach to saving all my change! The exception is sometimes I stick it in a tip jar at a restaurant to squeeze in a little easy-peasy giving. Just give it away sometimes.

  9. Good tip. Thanks for joining Thrifty Thursday, and for putting the button in your sidebar. The people in line behind me thank you as well. Blessings...

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  10. I watch Suze Orman a lot and she has some great advice. This is one of them.

    I usually pay with debit card. It's easier to keep track of my spending. Every night I check my online statement and write down the amount and purchases into a book. At the end of the month I add it up and see how much we spent and for what. It's a great way to see where you are overspending or where you can save little bit.

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  12. That is a great idea from Susan, thanks for sharing.

  13. It's amazing how quickly those coins add up. We have a jar we throw our change into however the grands usually raid it for ice cream and treats.

    As for cash, I rarely carry any using my debit card instead.

  14. I like seeing Suze on talk shows. Last time I saw her was on Oprah :)

    Think I'll take this into consideration because I need to save without wanting to spend all the time :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  15. Good Morning Sandra,
    I have been following Suzie's financial advice for years...she is usually right on the money. I also have a change jar and when I cash in..$70.-90 !

    Thanks foe the sweet comment on my little blog.

    Have a great day.

    Janet xox

  16. I need to call my bank and see if they have one of these machines.

    My MIL gave me a flour canister of change (mostly pennies) when she moved and I'd like to put it in the bank!

  17. We have been doing this, this last month but we are going to donate it to Coins for Cuba a program our Childrens Ministry at church is collecting for. I havent counted yet, but our little boy is excited about all the change in the jar.

    Thanks for the follow!

  18. This sounds like a worthwhile habit to adopt. Thank you for putting it out there.


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