Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well What Do You Know?

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."  I like that one.  Did you see this quiz in Parade Magazine Sunday?  It's pretty good.  See how you do.  Answers at end.


1.  Drinking milk will make a cold worse.  True or False?
2.  Honey can help burns heal.    True or False?
3.  Gargling with salt water will help a sore throat.   True or False?
4.  Women have more "senior moments" then men.  True or False?
5.  Men are less likely to go to the doctor than women.   True or False?
6.  The most dangerous place to gain weight is all over.   True or False?
7.  Going outside with wet hair will cause you to get a cold.   True or False?
8.  Being able to touch your toes is a good way to test your risk of heart disease.   True or False?
9.  Cranberries may reduce cavities.   True or False?
10. Caffeine is the best source of energy in the afternoon.   True or False?

ANSWERS:    See how you did.

 1.  False.  Does not make you have more yukky phlegm like some people say..
2.  True.  Honey, yes.  Butter, no!
3.  True.  Reduces swelling.  Feels better.
4.  False. Men over 70 forget more.Sorry men,  Blame Mayo Clinic.
5.  False.  Really?  Yes.  Men go to doctor more than women IF they are worried about their heart.
6.  False.  Most dangerous place to gain weight is the "BELLY"!
7.  False.  More likely to get sick if you are a couch potato.
8.  True.  Rigid body correlate with rigid arteries.  Not good. 
9.  True.  Cranberries are good go your teeth AND your urinary track.
10. False.   Best source of energy in afternoon is a 10-30 minute nap.

How'd you do?  Any surprises?


  1. I am experimenting here so just diregard this comment. I have more than one blog and am trying to get them dis-enmeshed! Easier said than done.

  2. I learned a few things. Thanks!

  3. i got most of them correct.

    Coffee... I still loves them


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