Friday, January 7, 2011

Salvador Dali Exhibit In Atlanta

The Salvador Dali Exhibit has been at The High Museum in Atlanta for a few months (2011) and I finally I got to see it today.  I think anyone would agree Dali's art is amazing whether you like it or not.  Elton John likes it and owns several originals.

Dali's painting is surreal, so unconventional.  A melting clock, wet cats flying through the air, hippopotamus horns, and nudes with dirty feet...his range of subjects and presentations are beyond imagining.

Gala, his wife, was in many of his paintings.  He just adored her.  Even though she had numerous affairs,  their marriage stood the test of time.  She often helped him paint floating items by holding them up in the air while he painted.

Dali returned to the Catholic Church after years of rejecting, searching and questioning. I like that faith was so important to him that it drove him to want to know more and more.  His paintings contain many religious icons: the Christian fish, angels, halos, rhinos, the cross of Christ, and Madonnas.  He wanted a scientific understanding of the Virgin birth. (Don't we all!)  He even wrote the Pope asking for such an explanation but never received an answer. One of his paintings included an ostrich egg because it has the ability to hatch on its own without need for warmth from the mother's body.  He used it to represent the Virgin birth...a birth without need of human fertilization.

You can just go anywhere in your mind with his paintings.  If you haven't viewed any of them in awhile I encourage you to take a look and try and see his thought processes.  Better yet, get a book that explains them.  I surely couldn't get it on my own!  Way too weird for me.  The painting below is said to be his most famous.


  1. I always found his work to be fascinating. I could stare at it for hours and still not decide if I liked it or was disturbed by it.

    Pretty neat that you got to go see it.

  2. I can't say it really inspired but I'm still glad for the experience. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Oh I seen Dahli's work in Toronto I found it fascinating also but I loved his tin and bronze work.I have no idea why. I would go again. I wished we had more time it was a huge exhibit. B


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