Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is Your Vacation Free?

Vacation!  Just the thought puts a smile on my face.  A free vacation?  Well that would be nice.  Unless you have a friend or family member who gives you a few nights in their vacation condo, I don't think you are likely to come upon a free vacation.  You hear about them, but of course, there are always strings attached.  Strings you probably don't want to pull.

Here is a way to make that next vacation seem free.  Save up for it. If you have the money waiting in the bank to be spent on a few days away or a dream vacation it might seem free. A vacation is somehow more relaxing and stress free knowing you don't need those credit cards and you won't be greeted with a malbox full of bills when you return home. 

Consider having a savings account at the bank earmarked for vacation, a "vacation fund" if you will.  You could always take your vacation money from your regular savings but somehow it's more freeing if the money is sitting there with a sign on it that says "vacation".

Anytime you get free money, throw it in this account.  An unexpected gift, a refund when you changed to Geico, a check from Ebay when you sold those old golf clubs, or an income tax refund.

Our all-time favorite vacation was a trip to California.  We loved San Franciso and Pebble Beach,  but the  best part was a few nights spent at Shelter Cove.  I bet you haven't heard of it.  This remote, almost wild little refuge  at the bottom of a long treacherous drive down a mountain, rewards you with the most glorious and relaxing sites nature has to offer.  A feast for the eyes and the spirit awaits you.

What is your all-time favorite vacation?  We would all love to hear.


  1. That is such a good idea. All the money frittered away on little things could easily make a huge difference and pay for a vacation!

  2. Brilliant and yet so many never would think of saving and paying cash. It's the way my parents lived and they lived really well. I am trying to do the same.

    By the way...I know Shelter Cove as a native Californian. Great place! :-)


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