Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Be Thinner and Happier

This is a reprint from Dr. Amen of The Amen Clinic. I hope you enjoy it!

“It’s not magic, it’s simple mathematics getting thinner, smarter, and happier is not hard if you do it by the numbers. One of the biggest lies professionals tell you is that you don’t need to count your calories to lose weight and get healthy. Of course you do. Not counting your calories is like not knowing how much money you have in the bank, and yet you continue to spend, spend, spend and wonder why you’re bankrupt.

It is not as simple as calories-in versus calories- out. You want high-quality calories in and high-quality energy out. A 250-calorie candy bar is not the same thing as a bowl of lentil soup, a piece of wild salmon or a walnut and blueberry salad. Demand high-quality calories from your food and, be careful with how many calories you eat and drink. The average 50-year-old man needs about 2,200 calories a day to maintain his weight, while the average 50-year-old woman needs about 1,800 calories. To lose a pound a week eat 500 calories a day less than you burn. Women on average are consuming 335 calories a day more than they did 30 years ago. That equates to an extra 35 pounds of fat a year on your body. Men are consuming more calories as well. No wonder you are always on a diet! You have to get your calories under control, not for 10 weeks but for the rest of your life!

If you are having trouble with your weight, order a copy of the Change Your Brain, Change Your Body Daily Journal and write down everything you eat and drink. If you do this, I promise that you will stop wasting your calories. For example, I was in a chain restaurant recently and thought I would order a “healthy salad.” When I looked online I was horrified to discover that it was 1,400 calories, so I ordered something else. Like high-quality calories in, I also want you to think of high-quality energy out, which refers to exercise and new learning. Low-quality energy out is using cigarettes, caffeine, or diet pills to rev your metabolism. Exercise is the fountain of youth and boosts blood flow to your brain and chemicals that help your mood and your memory. And, you don’t have to go crazy with exercise; you just have to be consistent. Regular exercise has been found to help you lose weight, treats depression and decreases your chances of Alzheimer’s disease. I tell my patients walk like you’re late for 45 minutes 4 times a week. Strength training is also important. A simple, but highly effective workout regimen that also boosts brain function is found in the book, The Amen Solution.

Here's to a healthier you and me!


  1. I'm dieting now and I am soaking in all the good advise -thanks

    I've Become My Mother

  2. As a medical professional (doc of 30 years) and one who has struggled with weight since my late 20's, I have much personal and professional experience with weight loss, behaviors around weight loss, and I finally understand that calories in does NOT equal calories out.
    Gary Taubes book, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It is a must read for debunking (scientifically) misguided nutritional paradigms. Wish I had known this years ago when my patients kept promising me they were adhering to a low calorie diet but still couldn't lose.
    Le sigh...

  3. Hopping over to say; have a fabulous weekend! I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Hugs, Katherine

  4. Hi Sandra . . . thanks for following my blog, Fabulous Frugalista . . . I'm following you back!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend . . . Gina
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  5. Thanks All!

    Writingtowellness...thanks for your words. My husband totally agrees with you. I vaccilate. The calorie thing seems to work for me though. I'm wondering if you 'eat right'65% of the time, can you anything else the other 35% of the time.

  6. I have long been a believer in not wanting to waste my calories on junk. I am not a big candy eater, but if I am going to have a piece it better be fantastic, the same is true with the foods that we eat in our house, we almost never buy processed food, including the low calorie stuff because there is really very little "food" left in any of it, its all a chemistry project. I recently had a Dr. tell me not to switch from using butter because margarine is not a real food and is more harmful in the long run, better to stick with the foods in the produce and dairy cases that are not tampered with. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I am following you back now. :)

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. How exciting that you are getting back into sewing. Patterns aren't as expensive as they seem. The big cloth stores like Johann's or Hancocks, for example, have sales for 99 cents to $1.99 a pattern. Ask them about getting on their mailing list so you'll know when the sales are or just call from time to time.

    You have a great blog, very informative and interesting. I read a few posts. I'll come back later and read more.

  8. Thanks everyone. I've enjoyed Follow Friday and will be a frequent visitor. Would love any reposts of "health and wealth" articles which are valid and well documented.

  9. Hello Sandra, This is excellent..and I love lentals. Many people don't realise a lot of these low fat produces like milk have extra sugar which turns to fat.. Like you salad, people need to be aware. EXCELLENT AGAIN!!!

  10. I loved this article! Thanks for sharing. He is so right! If you don't log your food you do not know what you are consuming.

    Good information!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  11. Boy, thats a lot of great info. I will have to check into this further. Thanks!

  12. Crystal...boy do I try to limit the sugar but I'm not a fanatic! It's so hard...

    Sheri..thanks logging is good if it doesn't drive you nuts.

    Marla! Hey girl!


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