Friday, January 21, 2011

Are You A Hugger?

Happy National Hug Day!

Breaking News Flash!  Have you heard?  Hugs are good for you!  We knew that but science has taken time and resources to prove it.  Men, it seems, need at least one good 30 second hug from their spouse to make a difference in how they feel.  Women need a 60 second hug from their spouse to achieve the same results. 

Oxytocin, the feel-good hormone is released and promotes bonding between the couple.  Cortisol, a stress hormone, and blood pressure are both reduced by hugs.What simple medicine that doesn't cost a penny.

When I was a child, I don't remember people hugging unless they were at a wedding....their own wedding.  I know I wasn't hugged very much and neither was my husband even though we were both from loving families.  I had a "hot 'n heavy" boyfriend for five years before I met my husband, and even though we kissed a lot (and all that) we never really hugged upon greeting.

Now everybody hugs.  I've even heard this generation called Generation H for all the hugging.  Hugs are good to give and receive everyday.  They feel good.  They make you smile and, it seems, they are good medicine too!


  1. I always have believed in giving and recieving hugs.the tighter the hug the better.

  2. Well I'm a hugger too. I like it. :)

  3. Mike, me too as long as I can still breathe!

    Sandee, it's good for the soul!

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. That's interesting about the length of the hug. 60 seconds would be a long time!

  5. Hello Sandra, Its lovely to meet you. God Bless you and I love what you have written here. I always hugged my patients as there are so many people in this world who no one hugs and there are many who are isolated lonely and don't even have anyone to listen to them. I have always been a hugger. My mother taught us that. I enjoy to see my sons, aged 42 and 31 hug, and my grandsons do also. My second hubby is American and found it stange to have my family men included, hug him. He hugs back now. Yes it is very theroputic...the feel good exercise.So happy to see it written about.
    A big Hug to you today. O X

  6. Thank you Kristy and Crystal! My men are now hugging too. Thank Goodness! And thanks for the follow. Consider yourself hugged!

  7. I have no doubt that hugs are good for you-- I'm just not a huggy/physical person! Hmm, wonder how to change that?

  8. I am a hugger for the most part. Unless the person creeps me out. Then it's a handshake, if they're lucky. :-)

  9. Bethany....just do it. That's what Nike says and it works for them.

    Marla, Yes...we don't hug creeps. :)


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