Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Operation Iraqi Freedom Is Over

Seven years ago we went into Iraq with bombs blasting and gave them a taste of "shock and awe".  We all had our own feeling that night...fear, sadness, disappointment, rage, power.  Well now it's over.  4400 servicemen and women were lost on that desert battle field.  They won't be coming home.  Many will come home injured and will adjust to their impairments for the rest of their lives.

We are thankful, all of us, that the fighting is over.  Some of our solders will stay for awhile to keep order and help the Iraqis find their own way....whatever way they choose.

Now we're off to Afganistan with renewed resolve and vigor to root out  the bad guys and get rid of them forever.  Such a daunting task but now we have more manpower and resources to throw at the enemy.  I wish them well.

Do you know anyone who served our country 'over there'?  If so, share their story with us.  Are they your families, friends, or neighbors?  We are so proud of them all and glad they have made it thus far.


  1. You must have been so brave to go there during the turbulance and the turmoil..

  2. Great post Sandra. We have two boys in the military, both helicopter pilots, both have served in the middle east.

    I truly appreciate this.

  3. Aynzan, Oh my goodness! I didn't go there. I am just honoring those who did. No one in my family went to Iraq but I am still aware of how many families do have folks over there and I am so glad they are coming home.

  4. Hi Marla,
    I know you are proud of your boys. My dad was a helicopter jumper...not sure what you really call them....but anyone who does this work for us is very special!


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