Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Need Your Help But Nothing's Wrong

My sister and I often say..."Call me back. Nothing's wrong."  We've always been there for each other through thick and thin.  There were times when something was wrong.  There was her call to me when Daddy had his stroke, there was my phone call to her when he took his last breath.

There was her call to me when mother fell and broke her leg....and later her hip....and when she had that auto accident!  There were times with her two teenage boys and mine when phone calls were not always fun.  And we've both been married forever so you can imagine what some of those phone calls were like. :)

Good families, wonderful children, amazing husbands....still there were those times.  That's life!  So we leave our message and usually end with "Nothing's wrong."

So I'd like your help.  Nothing's wrong.  It's trivial really.  I have a new blog that has a totally different emphasis.  I'd love you to go there and help me give it kick in the arse as they said during the Revolutionary War.  That was REALLY 'back in the day'.

Thanks for your help!  Have a great day!  Hope nothing's wrong!


  1. i like the "nothing is wrong" system. my mom will call and if I don't answer she will text me right away and put call me as soon as you can.....I mean hello doesn't that sound bad? lol

  2. The "Nothing wrong" message just aleviates stress! Lacie, at least you are used to getting your mom's text so they don't make you crazy!


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