Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How To Prepare Your Child For The First Day Of School!

Some places in the country are still getting ready for the first day of school. Some have already started. My school started August 2 so we’re in our third week now. Whew! When I was visiting Florida this weekend I noticed they start school today! Many areas wait until after Labor Day. When do you start?

Getting kids ready for their first school experience is a biggie! How we prepare them for the big day can make all the difference. I still remember my first day of school….mothers went to school with us back then and stayed half the morning! I still remember the new paste and crayons. When my kids went to school for the first time it was so very exciting …for them and for us, their parents. Everything from what to wear, saying goodbye, riding the bus, meeting the teacher…..a whole new world opening up!

If you have one starting this year, this video gives you lots of helpful hints to kick the year off!

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  1. My daughter goes back to school on Monday. I wish we had a little bit more vacation! Oh well, back to reality I guess!

    Stopped in from SITS!


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