Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Girl Trip!!!

Tomorrow's the day!  Leaving at noon!  Driving 8 hours and then we're the beach.  Four best friends, good food, swimsuits, shorts, and books.  Can't wait.  We'll have a ball.

We all live scattered around the edges of a very large city. We're all 'way out' but in different directions so it's hard to get together as much as we'd like.  So every now and then we find a way to go away for a few days and catch up, bond, laugh and all that girl stuff.

Four night together!  Will we run out of stuff to talk about?  Not a chance.  Wish us safe travels and fun times in the sun.

See ya next week!


  1. Thanks Bethany. I'll probably have a few stories to share when I get back....and I'm sure some I can't share! :)


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