Monday, August 9, 2010

Do You Know People Who Tell You How To Vote?

Why do I ask, you say?  Well, for the first time ever, I have actually told people how to vote.  I didn't really tell them, but I did express myself on my Facebook page and with emails.  I usually run the other way when people try to tell me how to think or tell me how to vote.   I don't like it when people assume that I think,and therefore vote, like they do.

Why then would I actually express my opinion and tell folks what I plan to do in the voting booth tomorrow?

Two reasons:
1.  There was a time about 10 years ago when an organization I was a member of was moving into a new building.  We had guests coming from all over.  It was a very big deal.  At the last minute our Certificate of Occupancy did not come through and we could not use the building.  There was some last minute work to do on the water line and the Fire Dept would not "okay" us.  It was a very cold time of year and we would have no choice except to meet outside in the cold!  I phoned our City Councilman and he came through for us at the last minute.  I didn't even know him.  He gave us a temporary permit.  Everyone else we tried to reach would not even give us the time of day.  So he is my hero for that reason.  Now, tomorrow, he is in a run-off election for Attny Gen of our state and little unpolitical me is really pulling for him and even asking people to vote for him.

2.  For the past two days I've been getting A LOT of robot-phone-callers.  You know the ones.  You say "Hello" and a recorded message comes on. "I am Joe Blow and I am running for ______."  No joke, the phone just rang and it was another one!  Anyway, I got a robot-call today from my guy's opponent.  His message was full of scare tactics, spin, and extremist verbage.  That surely turns me off.  How about you?

In case you live in GA and can't sleep at night cause you are up wondering who should be Attorney General, I would encourage you to vote for Sam Olens!  He's my guy!

So do you get involved, tell people how to vote, assume they think like you do???  Tell me about it.


  1. I don't make it a point to tell people how to vote; that's a personal decision. Sometimes I do apply pressure to vote - because whether I agree or disagree with your position, what's good is balance between our viewpoints.

  2. Hey, nothing wrong with sharing your opinion!!

    My hubby tells me how to vote all the time, saying "I know you'll vote for the wrong person so I'm just trying to help". Nice, huh?

    At least you're more tactful!!

  3. Helene. Funny! Husbands don't count. I mean, they count but....oh you know what I mean. We cancel each other's votes occasionally at my houe.

  4. No, I never tell people who to vote for, but I'm always being told who to vote for! But, then, I live in Italy where voting is a rather Machiavellian art...
    Found you through SITS :-)


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