Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where Did That Hour Go?

It seems like gaining or losing an hour in the fall and spring really shouldn't make much difference since it evens out in the end.  For me, though, this week has been the laziest I've had in a long time.  Since I don't want to take responsibility (LOL), I've decided to blame it on the time change.

Don't we all just love it in the Fall of the year when we gain an hour?  I've always wanted more hours in the day and that's the only way I've found to get it....just that one hour, that one day.  And then, darn it, we have to give it back in the spring.  I miss that hour!  'They've' been taking out of my sleep time!  I don't like that.

All kidding aside, I guess Spring is truly almost officially here.  March 21 is THE day spring arrives but I am celebrating early.  I didn't celebrate St. Paddy's Day this year....just didn't speak to me so I am due a celebration!  How about you?  You can even take two if you want.

My yard is teetering on the edge of taking a chance and blooming forth with the possibility of another freeze lurking out there somewhere.  Little blooms are peeking out.  Nothing to brag about.  So far, only my Forsythia is 'all out'.  It will only get better from here!  The show is coming soon!


  1. Spring here! BUT we have a snow storm headed here Saturday... 70 for tomorrow (Friday) but 38 !!!!! for Saturday with windchill's of -10 .. What the heck!!!! I have to cover flowers! OH well, that is Oklahoma!

    Happy Spring Girl !

  2. Well, enjoy Saturday and pretend like it's really spring!

  3. I'm always due a celebration - never pass one up if you can help it.

  4. We are Autumning, and daylight saving is about to end! What goes around comes around! Lovely to see your Spring pictures!

  5. Not much is up here yet. But tomorrow I'll have to go check on the forsythia. Great photos.

  6. Thanks guys! Spring is here! Just took a nice 2 mile walk with the hubs....did the hills too. Gotta work off apple pie!


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