Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Won The Lottery!

The Lottery!  I remember when it first came to my state.  There was so much debate about the merits versus the moral decay it would bring.  Letters to the Editor were written. Hotly debated issue. It was a biggie. 

Today's style of debate takes on a different flavor.  Formerly it was considered rude, actually it was rude, to talk over someone, to ignore them, to talk louder.  Things have certainly changed, haven't they?  All the news stations like to bring us opposing views, even if the network is skewed left or right.  They all love top ratings.  To survive the TV business, I guess top ratings are a must.   An argument between two people makes you turn and listen.  You don't really want to, but you do.  If you are in a store, a restaurant, at work, turn and listen, probably judge a little, take sides, and gossip about what you have heard.  Given this human condition, the networks are taking full advantage. 

No longer is there a polite debate.  It is more like a shouting match, a hollering contest to see who can be the loudest.  It seems to be more about loud, drowning out the opposite point of view than anything else.  If we can't even hear opponents speak, no one has to defend any of their talking points.  Logical thinking, consideration, respect?  Out the window.  Just yell what you think and people will take note, catch your name...more out of 'shock and awe' than any real interest.  The TV hosts love it though.  They allow it with only mild attempts to quiet the situation.

Oh well.  I digress.  The Lottery.  We won....$3.  I say it's better than nothing.  It is just a game after all.  Odds are so against you winning you would, logically speaking, never purchase a ticket but once in a blue moon it's fun.  In my previous neighborhood we had two real winners.  One family won $10,000 and another, right up the street, won hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That makes the odds against us even greater.  Just a fun diverson.  $3 will buy a gallon of gas....barely!


  1. We won last weekend...... $12.00..... YEAH..... My sweet DH took me out to eat..... We had to spend a bit from our pockets!

    I loved the post...... I am back and blogging..... I have so missed everyone!

  2. Denise! Way to go! I'm going out to lunch on my $3...Taco Bell! Welcome back!

  3. People just don't disagree well anymore. One thinks this, the other thinks that, but since they disagree, a simple conversation turns into an argument and then no one is really listening anymore. Shame.

    $3.00 is more than I've won. Wanna take me out for lunch with that??

  4. Don't let all that prize money go to your head!
    PS My favourite is when two people who care about an issue talk and share and bring insight. Wouldn't it be nice to have that on the radio more often!

  5. nice! you already beat the odds. now all you need is persistence. :)

  6. Well done you. We regularly win £10 but have never won anything more. Still I suppose all these £10's mount up.
    Politicians seem to be some of the worst offenders for this and don't get me started on their inability to answer a question with a straightforward answer.

  7. My dad picks up those little scratch off things every so often. He usually breaks even or wins a few dollars.

    I've never bought any lottery tickets at all-but wouldn't it be great to win the larger amounts?

  8. It's fun to dream about what you would do if you really won millions. What would you do?

  9. That sums it up doesn't it, it boils down to the human condition either we're taking advantage of it or it is taking advantage of us...

    B M

  10. Oh that made me laugh! I was so excited for you and then I got caught up in your debate and then you went back to the lottery winnings and I totally laughed at your $3 win!

    Congrats anyhow!!!

  11. Hi Sandra I won 282 rand last week (I live in Johannesburg) that I have reinvested to win again. Like you say it is a game, but I cannot help thinking how much relief it would be a good win!

    Happy to follow your blog
    Love & Rainbow

  12. Never bought a lottery ticket--bet I am in the minority on this. Oh, Well (sigh!)...I'd probably win a thousand, be hooked for life, and broke, living under a bridge in a year! (At least I "know" me on this!)



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