Sunday, February 21, 2010

Martha Stewart and Etsy

Martha Stewart, you know her, sent me an idea today.  It's for anyone who has more little scraps of paper than they know what to do with....and more time than they know what to do with.  However, I AM a recycler so I wanted to pass this on. 

Do you love little books?  Apparently a lot of people do!  My husband is one of them.  He's not into the creative kind that I am going to share, but you will always find him with a little tiny notebook within arm's reach.  I tend to keep my lists in my head.  Now what was it I needed at the store???

Martha's LIttle Book Idea:  Martha's ideas always amaze me.  Not that they are so unique but that she actually gets into this level of creating.  I know she has a huge staff but, still, she really gets into this stuff herself.  Her link tells you exactly how to make one like hers.   Having read her biography I respect her accomplishments and the empire she has built.

Etsy Idea:   What I really like about the Etsy idea is the creative aspect.  She has also included little baggies in her books for receipts, buttons, stubs etc.  How clever. Her link gives you all the details about her little books.

If you are a crafter, enjoy these ideas and send us a picture of your little book!


  1. i don't know anything about little book, but i know etsy is a great place for the creative bunch. now if only i could come up with a good idea!

  2. Neat idea! I may use this for an art project with my daughter. Thanks!!


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