Saturday, January 9, 2010

When Will We Thaw Out? Deep South In The Deep Freeze!

Temperature On My Back Porch

One thing I know for sure. I don't want to live up North. I know it's not a fair comparison but this is what an icey, snowy day looks like in most households in the South. First of all, we call off school if there is ANYTHING on the roads. It's not that we are paranoid. (Hmmm?) It's more that our snow melts during the day because it almost always warms up in the day time. Then at night it drops back down below freezing and we wake up with roads covered with ice. Our school busses just cannot get through our frozen back roads. So we have the long-awaited 'snow day'.

As soon as the weather forecast starts hinting at snow and ice, we all run to the store and buy milk and bread. Shelves empty out immediately. So you get the picture. We in the South stay home in our pajamas and eat milk and bread all day. We have hot grits and butter and cheese for breakfast, then milk and bread the rest of the day. We wrap up in blankets as if ice cycles are dripping off the ceiling of the great room, and, well, lots of babies are born down here nine months later. Our obstetricians know they cannot take a vacation nine months after a snow or ice storm if you get my drift.

After a few days of this we start getting cabin fever. I already feel batty after being in this mode for almost two days. My hubby walked outside yesterday morning because the sun had melted OUR driveway. Then he stepped on invisible ice when he got to the street and his feet flew out from under him. Within one second he was flat on his back. I was watching from inside. "Oh crap!", I thought. In the South, people who are 'raised right' don't say sh**. I was ready to call 911 and up he popped. He has a bionic back with steel rods and pins holding it together. I guess that was a good thing because he suffered no ill effects. We missed our chance to win America's Funniest Videos. Where is that camera when you need it?

We have a few more days of this coming up. When we had our children growing up at home it was more fun. We were in and out, trying to scrape up enough snow to make snow balls, warming them up with hot chocolate, throwing wet snow clothes in the dryer. We used to put plastic bags around their feet to stay dry because we didn't always have snow boots. It didn't work! Now I find all this housebound behavior a little on the boring side. Oh well, it IS pretty. We ARE warm. That's a lot to be thankful for...and we are.

Is it cold at your house? What are y'all doing to stay sane?


  1. Yup cold here! I live in the Sunshine State of Florida! And we are not used to this. A lot of home do not have heat, because Florida usually does not get this cold. It will be close to freezing tomorrow morning. Blessings. Brrrrrrrrrrr

  2. pretty sights, you warm, outside cold...all is quiet... sounds very lovely..


  3. i'm happy here in norcal as long as the earth doesn't move. someone should suggest to your stores to display condoms by the checkout point.

  4. Sarah, The earth did move near you tonight, huh?

  5. yeah I don't think I wanna live up north either.. way too cold.

    enjoyed the visit here this evenin'.. take care :)

  6. Our county had a 2 hour delay Friday because it might snow and didn't but I loved it because it ment 2 hr delay for me. Love snow days too. All the things you did with your kids we did too...I do miss those days now..

  7. Yep, it's cold at our house, I'm going to bed right after this comment, I'm shivering--and we live in Naples, FL.

    Below freezing in the morning--and I'll be riding to my 7 AM meeting.

    Thank God the one thing we do not have to do...shovel snow. not YET, anyway.

    It will soon be spring.

  8. Thanks everyone. Sounds like we're all shivering, even Steve in Florida! My post was actually somewhat tongue in cheek. We don't really eat milk and bread. You knew that didn't you? LOL!

  9. We have been freezing over here in England since before Christmas! It's as clod here as it is in the Antarctic at the moment, all this means is that three of my friends are expecting babies come September!
    Co-incidence? I somehow think not!
    The schools haven't gone back from the Christmas break, the Gritting Lorries have run out of grit for the roads, and, apparently, we have only a few days left of our country's gas supply!
    So, we'll all just stay in bed, where it's warm, and hibernate until Spring! At this rate, no one will need to bother about losing any weight because most of the shops are closed!

    P.S. What exactly are "grits" that you eat? I have heard them mentioned a few times, but I don't know what they/it are?

  10. Alice, etc...the "grits" which we eat are those same grits which you lay down on your icy roads.

    Just kidding. But I CAN tell you, our grits are what we used to feed cattle.

    For more information, CORRECT information --grin! go here:

  11. BUT in the north you can say bitch face wein hole and it's totes kosher! You also can walk around with a sleeve of tats and get street cred.
    go north!

  12. Alice, it really sounds rough where you are! Stay warm. Grits are finely ground corn. Kind of like really fine rice...cooked and served with butter and salt, and cheese if you like.

  13. Glad he was okay. I HATE ice! My balance sucks anyway and when I have to walk on ice, I look like I'm 1,000 years old.


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