Thursday, January 21, 2010

John Edwards, What Were You Thinking?

On second thought, don't answer that.  I think we know what you were thinking.

This blog is entitled Real Life In A Minute so here goes real life.  It seems John Edwards has decided to tell the truth.  He is the father of Reille Hunter's daughter, Quinn.  Reille was his campaign videographer when he was running for, ahem, President of the U.S.  It turns out he and his wife Elizabeth have known for sure that he was the father of little Quinn, now two years old, since last summer.

It is understandable why he didn't tell anyone.  He has "decided" to embrace his daughter whom he has been supporting financially and emotionally.  In other words, he has been somewhat active and present in her life for the last year.  Why he has chosen now to reveal the truth makes you wonder.  Was it coming out anyway?  Was he trying to beat the tabloids at their own game?  Did he have a sudden attack of conscience?  Who knows.

Less understandable to me is why his wife Elizabeth chose to keep quiet these many months.  My guess would be to protect her children, not him.  At this point she can't protect them, but if handled well, the children will accept it much better than the rest of us.  Growing up in this day and time it really isn't that unusual.  Children are much more flexible and forgiving that we adults are.

The Edwardses, John and Elizabeth, are currently separated.  He is no longer living in their dream home!  And what a mansion in the country it is.  There are many reasons to feel sorry for Elizabeth but I would rather uphold her dignity in this situation.  She is a smart woman with options.  She is choosing the response she feels is best for herself and her children. 

John Edwards seeks now to rebuild his reputation as a "good person", through several humanitarian projects and by publicly recognizing his youngest daughter.  Will it work?  Of course, it will, although perhaps not in politics.

It is 2010.  Forgiveness is in. 


  1. I think he is the most despicable human being ... Of course forgiveness is of the day but it does not change my mind about him. I do not know what possess a man to cheat on a woman while in the office AND running for the highest office in the nation. To humiliate her as he did and while she is in a battle for her life....... I don't know if he has truly repented or is trying to white wash the scarlet letter of his sin, but I know this one thing.. He will face a higher judgment. I pray he is not just playing the Washington political game.

  2. Denise, How do I know but my guess is he is partly repentent and partly playing the game. He's played it for so long it probably comes natural. I think I was more disappointed in him when this very first came out than any of our other illustrious philandering "leaders".

  3. It's about time he came out with the's crazy that it took this long.

  4. This whole thing is just so very sad for Elizabeth and her kids!!!

  5. it's up to his family to forgive him. for the voters he is too disappointing to be bothered. i hope he doesn't think he still has a chance in politics. although he's not the only one cheated running for or in the office.

  6. Well, this morning this story is getting even sleazier. And to think this man came close to being VP...and therefore President.

  7. Scary huh. To have someone almost become in authority over the country.....

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  9. Nice to discover your blog. Congratulations on your award. Happy blogging!

  10. Thanks Raymonde, Come back soon.

    Hi Claudia, Gee thanks. I'm on my way over now!

    Just Be Real, It was indeed a scary thought.....but all works out.

  11. Such a sad situation for all involved. Of course we don't know the details of their private lives, but one thing is for sure. That two year old child doesn't deserve any of this. To grow up knowing that your own father denied you were his until his back was against the wall. I hope Mr. Edwards will leave little Quinn with the financial means to fund her future therapy.

  12. No you don't even grease the molds! I swear the girls did it all by themselves!


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