Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friendships Near and Far

I spent the weekend with three of my best friends.  It was a gloomy, grey, wet, cold weekend at the lake and yet we were bright, cheery, cozy, and warm.  The entire weekend we stayed right inside our little cabin and didn't budge.  A few good movies, good, healthy food, lots of sharing and laughter, a lovely fire, and good books made it perfect.

Well, there was the overflowing toilet...that was a challenge.  But that was it.  Everything else was smooth as silk.  It just does the soul good to spend time with those who love you, understand you, and want the best for you.  I wish everyone was so fortunate.

Online, here in blogland, we hang with our friends too.  My invisible friends are you.  You often make my day when I log in to see who's been around, who left a little comment love, and what you all have to say that day on your blog.  You live all around the globe...that's really the best.  We're far, far away, different, yet alike, and we are connecting!  We are supporting each other.  We are really celebrating each day with each other.  I'm glad you are here.  I feel like I know you and I wish the best for you. 

When I got home from my girlfriend weekend away, I found an award from Claudia way away in Brazil.  How cool is that!  She shared her 10 favorite things and asked me to do the same...and to pass the award along.  So here are a few of my favorite things....

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

No, that was Julie Andrews's list.

Here are a few of my favorite things

1.  Being inside where it is dry and warm and hearing the rain outside.
2.  Being with my husband when we are on the same wave length and totally in sync.
3.  Being with my children.
4.  Having fun at my sister's.  She's the best.
5.  Vacations.  I just love them.
6.  A really good meal when I am very hungry.
7.  A great book.
8.  Buddy.  He's my dawg!
9.  Art.  I love to draw and paint.
10.  I love to Zumba dance with my gym rat buddies.

I realized I didn't put down anything about a spiritual experience and then I realized they are all spiritual experiences.  What are your favorite things?  I'll pass the award along in a few days.  Stay tuned!


  1. Hello Sandra, you have a great list. Thank you for stopping by on my blog. I love your snow effect. I had it for a little while, but now our weather has turned to persistent rain. Well done again for your award. Have a great week. xxx

  2. I full agree with you :) We're connecting around the world and sharing our day, our thoughts, making each other happier or even supporting with our words during the not so happy moments... That's why we're, human beings, are here and it would be wonderful if the whole world could do the same, things would work better for everyone from this simple step... KINDNESS !

    Well, let's keep doing our best ;)

    Have a beautiful and so blessed week, dear friend, in your part of the world ;)


  3. Raymonde, Our tiny bit of snow is over too but I still like the effect here. Stay warm AND stay dry!

  4. Thanks Claudia. This is one of the reasons I blog now that the newness and learning process has worn off. I kinda feel like it's my little way to promote understanding and peace among nations. Whoa! That sounded heavy didn't it!!! Hey, so I like to think big!!!

  5. I just loved your list, although I can't relate to all the family things, I can remember what it used to be like.
    I love to curl up with a book and listen to the wind and rain on the windows.
    Sitting by a cosy fire, with at least one of my three cats sitting purring away on my lap.
    The tick of an old clock.
    Daydreaming by the fire.
    Painting and drawing.
    The steady clicking of my knitting needles!
    Sun shine and rainbows!
    The smell of new cut grass on a Summer day.
    The changing seasons.
    My list could go on for ages...but these are a few of my favourite things!

  6. The blog girls have made my life so different.. It is hard to imagine that almost three years ago I had not a friend and was so busy with caring for Mom and Dad... then the blog...... It brings such joy to me.. thanks for coming by my blog and I will be back in March! Lots to get caught up on....

  7. sounds like your girlfriend weekend was dreamy... I love those times too!

  8. You are right there, blogging has added a lot more to my experience thoughts and ideas...
    and kept me busier too.


  9. I love your list!! Family and friends so important!!

  10. Alice, you'd love my mother's clock. Tic toc...Knitting needles...wish I knew how!

    Denise, Glad you found blogland. It does offer a lot of support. I spend a lot of time with my mother too.

    Sharon, Oh yes. Glad you could relate.

    Being Me, Sometimes it makes me too busy!!! It can really eat up time.

    Gayle, Really ALL about friends and family.

  11. No matter where we live or what we believe, in many ways we share basic human similarities. We all want to be happy, to love and be loved, to be healthy and to be acknowledged... and I could go on and on. What's ironic is that with all our common ground, there is so much discension in the world. Cheers, from sunny Florida!

  12. 11. Cheerful blogs. Thank you for brightening the day up!

  13. Boomer Pie, I totally agree with you. Wish the world would focus on our commonalities and what is right rather than what is not!

    UberGrumpy, Right back to ya. Thanks.

  14. What a fantastic list you have. I think it's good to remind ourselves of such things from time to time.
    Great to be back. It must be one of my favourite things that I'm back in blogosphere and able to catch up with you all. Funnily enough my post tomorrow is about two more of my favourite things and no it isn't about chocolate - that that is one of my favourite things goes without saying.


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