Saturday, January 16, 2010

Before And After: Lose 10 Pounds By Tomorrow Noon!

Next time you are in line at the grocery checkout, look around and I bet you'll find a magazine with those headlines.  We won't tell anyone that you actually picked it up, flipped though, and skimmed the article trying to find out how she did it.  Fess up.  We've all done it.  What if the magic weight loss formula is out there and she knows it and we don't. 

Actually we are all smarter than that, huh? 

Friday I met a woman, a real live woman, who truly lost 95 pounds in less than a year.  I've seen her come and go at the gym many times, really large when she started.  She keeps to herself, at least that's the way it seems to me.  I've always kept to myself at the gym too.  It's not really a great place to meet people UNLESS you go to classes.  That's what I love and if you go often enough you will eventually feel like these people in the class are your friends even if you don't know their names.

Anyway, I approached this Jane Doe and told her how good she looked and bragged on her progress.  Everybody needs that and she didn't seem like she got a lot of it.  She told me she had lost 95 pounds... and it was true.  I saw her "before".  Me:  "How did you do it?"  (My version of skimming the magazine.)  Her:  "I walk on the treadmill three miles every morning and three miles every afternoon."  "Oh my goodness", I say.  I'm struck with two things:  how very boring that would be and what motivation 'two times' a day would take! Oh, and that is seven days a week!

Regarding the boredom, she said she comes during her favorite shows and just walks and watches TV.  I could do that, I think to meself.  She lives only two doors down from the gym, seems to be retired, and doesn't wear a wedding ring, so I decide it's very convenient for her and there may be little else going on in her life.  I realize how very pretty she is...that she has truly transformed her appearance.  AND after she walks, she lifts weights for 30 minutes three times a week AND she roller skates at the part.  Now that last one really got me.

I am usually pretty adventurous and fairly well motivated, and I love to skate but I never ever do.  I have lots of reasons why but I shall spare you.  But I will say that soon you are going to read about me and roller skates.  Enough for now.

Just wanted to share this true, non-tabloid 95 pound weight loss story with you.  It takes you where it takes you.  I know where it is taking me!  After Zumba dancin' Monday morning, you will find me on the treadmill with my earphones plugged in watching The View!  I'll keep you posted!

PS.  Aren't those the cutest puppies?  Wouldn't it be nice to take a bath and come out skinny?


  1. Interesting post. I guess that really is what it takes. Such a huge time committment. But kudos to her...nice work. yes, I love those pictures.

  2. cute puppies! but i don't have that kind of time. what will happen if she stops? hopefully not getting all the weight back. once a day is hard enough for me. :)

  3. Good for her! Now she is inspiring you - that is awesome. Wlaking on the treadmill is really good exercise.

  4. I've heard stories like that before. All it takes is a little bit at a time. Just walking consistently over time makes a difference. Of course, having the time to commit to it helps too.

    Better yet, instead of a bath, how about a magic pill. Take one and bam, you're at your ideal weight.

  5. How inspirational! Ok, maybe it's time to hit the treadmill again. Although, I would love to take a hot bath and drop 50.

  6. Good story and I know it must be true. My missus is in really good shape because she walks a lot.

    And yes - the puppies are cute.




  7. wow... 95 pds !!..I'm aiming for 5 pds.. if the needle would just shift a little to the left that would be wonderful....


  8. 95 pounds?

    There ought to be an award for that

  9. Yeah, she really lost that much. I used to see her come in, really heavy, dressed in grey, not speaking to anyone. Without sounding patronizing (I hate that) I am so proud of her. 95!!!!!

  10. You're going to do Zumba and then get on the treadmill??? Let me know how that goes. I'm impressed! I whine after 40 minutes on the treadmill. If I could read blogs and walk at the same time.....,

  11. Those puppys are cute and I would love to come out skinny...that girl has done a great job...Thanks for a great post...I am motivated again

  12. Heya! Stopping by from SITS and dang, that is one heck of a story! That's so awesome =)


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