Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Depressed?

Well, are you?  Are you depressed?

It amazes me how many people answer "yes".  I must admit I have been a little down myself lately.  Part of it is seasonal.  The cold weather is condusive to snuggling in by the fire with hot chocolate, a blanket, and, somedays, pajamas all day! As great as that sounds, it gets old.

My routine was disturbed over the holidays because that's what holidays are...departure from the everyday routine.  So, in my case, I stopped going to the gym.  No more Zumba classes or Kickboxing or weights for me.  Noooooo.  I was out shopping, at someone's Cookie Exchange party,  at my own party, eating my sister's to-die-for caramel cake.  And, oh yeah, why not sleep in?  Everyone is off work and it's a "holiday"!  Too many holidays if you ask me.  I am not a holiday person!

Why are so many people depressed, or like me, just a little down?  Some are upset over their jobs or lack of one.  Some have financial concerns and family issues.  Some are lonely.  Some are ill.  The most "up" person I know hinted yesterday that she was really feeling "maybe a little depressed".  Someone else I talked with today said "I tend to get depressed in the winter.  I need to go out in some sunshine."  Then, Lord knows, there is my mother.  I love her dearly, she's depressed, and I can't fix it.  That makes me even more depressed...and on it goes.

So, if any of this describes you, let's do this.  Every day, no matter how cold, let's go outside and get some sunshine.  If we are out there at least 15 minutes, maybe even take a walk, or eat lunch if it's warm enough, we get our much needed Vitamin D and we get those rays which some say ward off the winter blues.

I don't want to knock winter.  I really love the winter time.  We just have to be smart about it and get out butts in motion, get around people, go outside, and stay active. If we don't it's just our own fault.  Did you hear me, self?

This weekend I have a long awaited girls' road trip to look forward to.  Probably just what I need.  Laughing, sharing secrets, looking to the future, hugs, and being silly.  I think it will work for me!  Find something to work for you too!  Every day is precious and we don't want to waste a single one being depressed.


  1. winter has that effect on people. how about a sun lamp? or move to socal? :)

  2. Good post Sandra and good advice. I believe I will go for a walk with my donkey now. :-)

  3. Sometimes I get depressed, too... but I always try make something that really makes me happy like a good book or something like that... We're having Summertime here and I must confess that hot weather is sooooo boring ! But, women have their inside "enemies" : hormonoes ! I think that they're are responsible for our depression no matter the season of the year we are :)
    That's the magic of being a woman :D


  4. Sarah, Thanks. I think I need more social. I'be been hybernating!

    Marla, Yes, go walk. With a donkey?????

    Realliveman, Thanks!

    Claudia, Hormones are huge. Wonder if I have any left?? LOL!

  5. Sometimes it is hormones, but mostly I think it is mind over matter.. I hate being a wet blanket so I try not to be negative... (was just reflecting on that in my post before the current one)..We have choices - what do we want to make of the day today ?.. Enjoy the moments or whine all the time.... if you had the sun all day year in year out like I do.. you would appreciate the winter beauty, you can be depressed cause it's too hot too.
    To each his own..
    Good thoughts...

  6. I was in a funk after Christmas because during December my normal routine became preparing for Christmas! Then it was over and I couldn't get back. I know a lot of people who are feeling down. Great advice to get outside in the sun every day. Jealous of the girls' weekend! Have fun!

  7. Being Me, I totally think it's mind over matter...sometimes, though you get sucked in. Thanks for the reminder.

    Hurstburst, Girls weekend, yea!!!!! Should help switch gears.

  8. No time to waste,,,, life awaits us.. I too need to get outside and soak up the SONshine.....

    I am not a winter person.. and am ready for the Spring!

  9. Right on, Denise! No time to waste.

  10. I've certainly been feeling a little in the dumps lately. It's getting better though and I hope you have an amazing time on your trip!

  11. Surprisingly I have not been depressed...just a little stress and can't get up in the morning!!

  12. Thanks TTMom and Gayle, Hope by now everyone is back on top of the world!


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