Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Love GoodWill

In my garage is a shopping bag full of goodies.  The shopping bag is on its way out of my house, not in.  It is filled with jeans, books, shirts, and a few odds and ends...and it's on its way to Goodwill.  I really love Goodwill.  There is a new one right around the corner from me and it's one of my favorite stops.  You can find all kinds of bargains there if you like to look.  You might find really cool things with the tags still on them.  I am pretty picky what I take home but it's all in the hunt, you know.

Funny story.  My husband came out of my closet with a pair of men's shoes in hand the other day.  I believe what he said was, "Whose are these?" with an incredulous look on his face.  Now I don't know if he fell for the story or not but I told him I got them for him at Goodwill.  Would your husband have believed that one?  I mean, who would buy someone else's shoes?  Not me, usually.  These shoes, though, were Rockports which cost over $100 if they are new.  Well, these were only $1.  My neighbor actually made me buy them.  The devil made me do it.

They were his size and I thought he might like to wear them to school since he is on his feet all the time.  I was going to polish them and make them look totally spiffy, which I had not yet done.  So he's holding the 'not new' but 'like new' shoes wondering, "What the heck?"  Is this my wife?

Back to Goodwill.  I really love them because they provide jobs.   I love their name.  It reminds me of "Peace on earth, good will to men."  Their mission statement touches me.

"Goodwill Industries International enhances the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their fullest potential through the power of work."

If you need to clean out the clutter, and who doesn't, consider placing it in a shopping bag and letting it go out of your house and back in circulation for the Greater Good. And you get a tax deduction. Works for me.


  1. I love Goodwill too - I have several bags of things I need to drop off.

  2. I absolutely love Goodwill and I thought I would never buy shoes their either but I did. A like new pair of keds suede lace up short loafer/boot type shoes. Not sure how to describe them but they were cute and only $3! Can't beat that!

  3. Actually I got the shoes at Salvation Army where my neighbor does and that's why they were only $1. She's got me hooked!

  4. I know it's a great organization and I'd be there all the time too if it weren't so far away for me to drive there...I hear they sometimes have bags of yarn and I would buy that up in a hurry!

    Those are great shoes, very well made!

    Happy day!


  5. We have a St. Vincent's works the same way as Goodwill. Perfectly hip nowadays to reuse!

  6. That is exactly what we are doing over the next few weeks. Cleaning out and taking to good will.

  7. I have a bag in my car that I am planing to drop off at my local Good Will.

  8. I think it's that time of year where we all make trips to Goodwill! Cleaning out feels so great!

  9. Sandra how i agree with you. Cleaning out feels wonderful. Off to make a trip to Goodwill!
    hugs hugs

  10. I do one Goodwill drop per week. I keep a bin upstairs and one in the basement for unwanted items. On Fridays, I drop them off.

    PS The guys who work at our local Goodwill said that December is the best month to shop there. Everyone is cleaning out to make room for more.

  11. Kys, YOu are good. Once a week is great. I keep that bin going to. It works.


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