Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love The Ones You Got

This has to be the most beautiful day ever made! So far we've had a leisurely breakfast of coffee, bacon and grapefruit, read the paper, worked on the crossword puzzle, and washed the dog.

Larry is a great dog groomer. After his bath Buddy, the dog, sits on the bathroom sink counter and Larry blows his hair dry, just like he used to do for the boys when they were little. They preferred their hair 'au natual' but dad would really spruce them up if it was a special, or halfway special, occasion.

One Christmas we took the kids to the Alliance Theater in Atlanta to see the play, Scrooge. This was one of those times they had to get all dressed up with the hair and everything. In a former job, a former lifetime, Larry would occasionally get freebies to things going on 'downtown', hence, the tickets. Younger son was about 5 and older brother around 8. Part way through the performance, younger son was getting a little restless and couldn't see as well as he'd like, so he lay down in the aisle and propped up on his elbows with his head in his chin for awhile. I can't believe the ushers let that happen but I guess they weren't strict back then. Now? No way.

After the play we went to another downtown Atlanta landmark, The Varsity. If you haven't been there it's hard to explain. First you slide on in cause it's all grease! Then you hog up to the counter with the other 100 people. They say "Whadda ya have?", and you yell out your order, something like '2 slaw dogs, rings, fries and an orange frosty'. That was back when you could eat like that without feeling like you had commited a cardinal sin against your body!

Patrons of the Varsity range from evening dress people to the homeless, all in there together having a grand ole time. It's huge. You can sit and overlook the city or you can go in a TV room and, you guessed it, watch TV. You can even get curb service but then you miss all the fun! I think that was the first experience my kids had with homeless 'type' people. Another post, another day.

All of this came up just from washing the dog this morning. We really miss our kids. We are close in hearts but not in distance. So we substitute the dog. He does the best he can, bless his heart, but, he is 'just a dog'. We forget that most of the time and shower him with love like he was our kid. He just takes it in. I've noticed if we are 'on the love. He always returns the favor.

There are many ways I could go with this post but I'm stopping here. No matter which way I would choose to go, it is really still all about love isn't it.outs' with each other (imagine that), we both shower the dog with even more


  1. I heard about this Varsity place!! I love hot dogs!!! That would be right up my alley!! YUMMMMMMM!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hi!!! It is a beautiful Saturday for sure!
    Have a great one!
    Mama Holli

  2. Dogs can really stand in for kids. They accept our love so readily and all they want to do is make us happy.

  3. Mama Holli, Next time you pass through ATL you must stop for a chili dog, their specialty. Thanks for the visit.

    Sandy, You too...thanks for the visit. What would we do without our doggies. I'd love to have another one to tell you the truth.

  4. I bathed my dog today, well, I actually take him in the shower with me. He's so small and it's easier on my back since I use a shower chair anyway...I love it when he's clean and smells good...unfortunately he's all boy and loves to dig and scratch and since he's so short and bushy haired, he also doubles as a street sweeper :-(

    I love to time travel and reminiscs about younger days too...know nothing about Atlanta, I'm afraid. Maybe some day ;-)


  5. Actually Buddy gets a shower much easier to just make it a duo. Wish he smelled this good all the time!

  6. I had surgery at Emory this March, and when I get my kidney transplant will have to live in Atlanta for a month, so will be checking this place out! Because we were in Atlanta so often for the hospital visits, we joined the High Museum, visited the MM house and GWTW museum, found a church, and went to some shops on Peachtree. Lovely city.....

  7. ..."it is really still all about love, isn't it?"

    Well, that's MY mantra. And it does not get "old" for me. Love is one of the few (maybe the only?) "forever and evers". I cannot find a beginning,nor end for Love, because it may not have constraint.

    THAT is what I think of the great power of love, that it always was, and always will be. Sort of like an
    attribute of God????

    Peace! and Love.

  8. I love dogs!!
    They are our best friends. Aren't they?.
    Loved your post especially the last line.
    Hope you're having a great Sunday

  9. Steve, Yes it is all about Love. No doubt. Thanks you good man!

    Betty, I am already having a great Sunday. The sun is shining brightly, having coffee with the hubby, and two gatherings with friends later on. And a nice day back to you!

  10. Hubby and I had our first day in a looooong time without the boys. They both went over a friends house, so we got a small taste of an empty nest. I LOOOOOVE it, but I sure missed them and was so HAPPY to see them when they returned home. I guess I want my cake and eat it too!

  11. Momsweb, Thanks for the visit. I do LOVE the empty next, and, yes you want your cake and eat it too! I get that.

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and referring me to this story. I love when people write about their families :)


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