Sunday, November 8, 2009

Don't Look If You're Working The Crossword Puzzle

All I need is one more obsession and I will be completely worthless...and, uh oh, I feel one coming on!  For the past year or so I've been getting into the Monday and Tuesday Crosswords in the newspaper.  Never had time before but it's pretty fun with your coffee outside in the sunshine.  I didn't know for a long time that the puzzles get harder each day of the week so if you are a beginner, start with Monday and you will have a decent shot at it. 

Recently, since I haven't had a church for awhile, (remember, I told you about that), I have been tackling the Sunday Crossword for some strange reason... and am slowly but surely getting addicted to it.  It is way over my head so it's quite a challenge.  I don't finish it unless I cheat a little which is not fair fun.  Today I was 'Google cheating' just a little for the first time.  Yes, I've been away from church too long.  Turning into cheating scum.

I like actually working it on the newsprint with my blue ballpoint pen.  I can't stand the way it feels to write with a pencil on newsprint!  If I'm not sure I just write lightly and then go back and darken it when I am sure.  Accidentally, when I gave myself permission to cheat, I ran across this site, a blog actually (!) of all these LATimes Crossword Puzzle Workers.  Oh boy.  That was a God-send.  So I know He is not mad at me for the church thing.  So after many cups of coffee, half a banana, and an apple, I am done!

Just had to share my excitement with you.  What are you excited about today.  Tell me.  I'm waiting to hear!

PS:  Bob and Bess, I'll be glad when you get back so I'll know you're okay and the weather didn't get you!

Speaking From The Crib, I'll be glad when you get back too. I think you said you'd be decorating for awhile, or maybe it was a birthday trip? At least that's a fun thing and we want to see pictures.

Andrea, I'll be glad when you get back too. I know you are enjoying the mountains and the alone time up there. Priceless.

TaterTotMom, I'm not worrying about you cause I know you are typing your fingers off on your novel. Can we read it when you're done?

Marsha/Marcia, Come back soon. I miss you and I know life gets tough. You are loved from afar.

Janice, Stay in touch. Get wise counsel.

Dayne, Where the heck are you?

Alice, Take care. Be strong.  XOXO

Sarah,  I've miss you too.

Lots of others.  I know I left off some other regulars I've missed lately.  I'll think of you later and kick myself for leaving you off.  Pre-forgive me, please, but do come back soon.  I've moved so find me, huh?  This new neighborhood is a little lonely!


  1. I love crosswords, too, but haven't done one solo in a loooong time... the hubs and daughter are big time into Sudoku...

  2. I refuse to pick up a crossword puzzle after reading your post. You're right...all I need is another possible addiction (lol). Hey, everyone needs an outlet, so it enjoy it!

  3. Crosswords sound like another possible addiciton, so be careful! LOL

  4. Tammy, Momsweb, and Theta,
    You three are dynamite moms! You bring back a lot of sweet memories. I honor you! Thanks for taking time to visit my un-mom blog!

  5. I'm not even good at those silly crosswords in People magazine. *shame* I do like Sokuko though.

  6. Cairo, You would think I'd like Soduko since I used to be a math teacher but I just don't get into them. Worked on one yesterday and never did solve it!

  7. Sandra, Bess is still outta town,we will git more rain today, that won't help.
    You will git all da rain today an tonite though, stay dry.

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  9. I remember watching my Opa (grandpa) when I was a kid in Germany doing his crossword always in ink. He was an optimist ;-)

    I saw on TV a long time ago about this club for crossword puzzlers. They had a Puzzler's convention which all sorts of neat things related to puzzles, of course those were the geniouses that actually made the puzzles for the was very interesting.

    I'm excited because I sold some of my crocheted items on Etsy last week and that's not happened for a very long time - and God knows, I need the money and I know it's all his doing anyway;-) Glory Hallelujah!

    Have a blessed day,

  10. I am in Colorado now...but a Texas girl before that!
    It is cold here today! Have a great day!
    Mama Holli

  11. Bob, I wish if I said 'stay dry' it would happen but I'm not there yet! Can't stop the rain. Do not let it come in your house. I hope there's not a chance!! Hi to Bess.

  12. Doris, Congrats on your Etsy sales! Way to go! I went and looked. You have nice stuff. I'll promote it one day soon.

    Mama Holli, I wish I were in Colorado!!! He is coming home for Christmas so that will be the greatest gift I could want! Doris has some great warm hats too. I especially like the white one. You two and your hats. I love 'em all! I used to get stuff like that for my DIL sometimes, but, there is no longer a daughter in law! Oh well. Can't help that.

  13. Oh NO!
    I need to cover my ears and say "nanananananananana" so i can't hear you ...

    I need another interest/time consumming hobby like a hole in the head...

    Yet, you know I'm gonna click on that link.


  14. You know, Sharon, I hear people sometimes say they are bored and I just wonder WHY???? There is so much interesting stuff to do! Just not enough time to do it all. I feel very blessed to have that attitude.

  15. I'm addicted to suduko and just got an app for my iPhone with it. Love it!

  16. Oh one time we were on vacation with my in-laws and dh's grandma and we all would take turns filling in the crossword puzzle. It sat out all weekend and anytime someone felt the pull, they picked it up and did their best. It was a group effort, but we managed to beat it :)

  17. Too Many Hats...Hubby and I do that sometimes too. Last Christmas our paper had a 2 full page crossword. Huge! We put it out on the table and whoever just sat down and worked for awhile. Easy one but hundreds of clues. Everybody could play. Hoping for another this year.

  18. Too Many Hats, Since you are good at Sudoku I would love it if you could give me some tips. I find them all terribly hard and I think I'm missing something. Ideas? Thanks!! Over to see you now.

  19. Just like crosswords there are easy and hard puzzles. Start with the easy puzzles for sure. Choose to start in a row or grid with the most numbers already completed. Put every conceivable number into the empty box. If in a row there are two empty boxes with the same two numbers as possibilities then you can eliminate those two numbers from all the other boxes that remain (same holds true for a grid). As you determine what number goes into a box, make sure to delete that option from all the other boxes in that row and grid. If you are methodical, you should have no problem completing even the hardest puzzle. Good luck!

  20. Thanks for the Sudoku help. I am generally on the right track but just not good at it yet. I do need to make sure I start with the easy ones til I get the hang of it. Thanks.

  21. I go through phases with crosswords. I get all excited and obsessed. Then after a few days, I realize how stupid I am and I have to quit.
    PS I think something happened when you switched homes and that's why you are lonely. When I try to follow you, it says I already am? I'll try again!


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