Sunday, November 22, 2009

Know Anyone Who Needs A Job? LOL!

Well, duh!  Don't we all!  I bet if we all weighed in, we are either looking for work ourselves, our spouse is looking, our kids are looking, or our friends or neighbors are looking!  Since I am retired, I am taking myself, personally, out of this discussion thank the Lord!  I also know 90% of us are employed, according to the news, which totally outweighs the 10% who are not but want to be. 

Unless you are one of those 10%.  Hey, come on.  If you or a loved one are one of those 10% you feel it.  Might be your heart is aching.  Might be your relationship is hurting.  Might be your self esteem is in the toilet.  Might be you are in foreclosure.  Maybe you are struggling with mounting debt.

I'm the Queen of looking at what ya got, not what you don't got!  The list of what I am thankful for does not end.  I believe 100% in focusing on what you want, not on what you don't want.

All that said, I also believe in support and the best use of resources.  AJAB stands for A Jab At Work.  AJAB's site is out there trying to make this job process a little more fun, a little lighter, while adding value and knowledge along the way.  It's just another place to go, another action step to take, another way to support.  You know, it doesn't really matter how many jobs are out there.  YOU only need one.  Let's send all our readers to AJAB.  He'll answer their questions and maybe get them out of a rut.  Someone to talk to and coach you through the dark times is invaluable.

My son's been looking for a job since April (yikes!) and this week he had a great interview!  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Haven't heard yet but we are expecting only the good!  And then we will celebrate! Take care!  Pay it forward!


  1. Good luck to your son.

    My dad has been unemployed for almost 4 years now, he just won't apply himself to anything and its really infuriating and sad to see. He's happier being on benefits and staying in bed all day.

    Like you said, someone to talk you out of the dark times is really important.

  2. Oh, Sammy, that's hard. It's probably disguised depression and just a sense of giving up on his part. Makes it hard on you I know. I hope he gets back to work doing something!

  3. Wow! Thanks Sandra. I'm stunned, and nearly speechless. I come to Real Life in a Minute, to get my weekly dose of comfort (in lieu of eating French bread or ice cream) and this week I came here and found an endorsement! Well, I'm giddy :)

    & You... well, you are the best thing that has happened to me this week!!!

    As for the rest of you, please do feel free to use A Jab at Work to find your next job, or to just complain about your present one. (I just eat that stuff up!)

  4. Sammy,

    I just saw your message. I know what your dad is going through, and I completely agree with Sandra and her assessment of what is going on with him. Sometimes people need to decompress/relax, release, exhale, and get over the hurt that they feel when they lose a job, or when things don't go well for them.

    If he uses the Internet, consider encouraging him to create a blog. This may get him into a writing/professional mode, which could translate into his doing something professional, and productive.

    Good luck to you and your dad, Sammy!!!

  5. I'm starting to think about possibly maybe beginning to look soon...

  6. My daughter graduated from college last year. She's in law school now, as are some of her friends. Those who decided not to continue their education are still looking for work. I know one gal who put in 75 resumes, got 7 interviews, and finally landed a job 8 months later...

  7. Melissa, My nephew is in law school now too for the same reason. Hopefully everything will settle down soon and jobs will be available again. It is a very trying time for many.

  8. Good luck with that Tammy. You sound very hesitant though. You can look, if you want to. Remember you can always change your mind. Thanks. Keep us posted.

  9. It's definitely hard times for many people. I have a friend whose husband was out of work and just recently found a job. He hates it but it's a job.

    You have an amazing attitude! I love your positive thinking!

  10. At least he has a job! Better things will come. Thanks Helene.

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  13. I'm lucky to be out of the job market and in the stay-at-home mom market. I'm lucky to have a husband whose training pretty much guarantee his employment no matter where we decide to live.

    I certainly feel terrible for anyone having a tough time. I hope you son receives some great news!

  14. Good luck to your son !!!!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely and precious comments on my blog :)

    I wish you a beautiful week !


  15. Sandra, I have been unemployed ever since I haven't had a job.

  16. Me too Bob! Ain't life grand! :)
    Love you and Bess! Happy Turkey!

  17. Thank you Claudia! You uplift my spirits.

    Meno Mom, Glad you can stay home too! Aren't we fortunate!!

  18. nomorelonely, I left a comment on your blog explaining what I did to solve the problem. Good luck with your blog. Be happy!

  19. Good luck to your son on the job! Hope he knocked their socks off!

  20. ok thankz "just playin'"... hope may have ur help soon...hehe...


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