Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why Do You Eat What You Eat?

Isn't it funny what runs through your mind?  When you pay attention to your thoughts there's just no telling where they'll take you.

I love Fig Newtons.  I never over eat them but I enjoy them from time to time.  Once when I was eating one I started thinking about Daddy.  He loved Fig Newtons too.  It was no big thing. Just a casual cookie.  Whenever I eat one now, I think of him.  Good thoughts.

One of my Grandmothers loved corn, the kind you pick from your own garden, cut it off the cob, cook it and have it for lunch.  Along with fresh tomatoes.  I did NOT like it but I knew she really did.  I was actually thinking, "How could anybody eat that?"  But now?  Oh boy, I love it...and it always reminds me of her.  For another Grandmother it was asaragus casserole and apricot cake that I cannot eat to this day without conjuring all sorts of memories of Sunday dinners.

What got me thinking about this was those cinnamon buns the other day.  Just looking at the picture I thought of a favorite aunt who loved pecan twirls.  She turned me onto them.  You know the ones.  There are six in a package, they are small, and always soft and moist and great with your morning coffee.  I haven't had one in years!  But somewhere back in my past I have been known to eat lots of once.  It's a bond I have with her.

Most things I eat today are generic.  By that I mean they hold no special significance.  I just like them or they are healthy, or both.  But aren't our associations interesting?  Whether it is food or a particular experience, we are heavily impacted by those we love.....especially those we have loved and lost.

We remember that with which we make an emotional connection.  We learn that way too.  Ministers and teachers are masters at evoking emotion so we will feel and remember.  And so are cookies and corn.  Just food for thought.   

Tell me why you eat what you eat.  I'd love to hear.


  1. What I want to eat and what I actaully do eat are depressingly different!

  2. Dear Blonde Duck, I totally know what you mean. There are so many things I'd love to chow down on but I usually resist...but not always Gotta splurge a little.

  3. Mostly I eat what I eat because it's good for me. I try to eat right. But sometimes I eat whatever I want to eat. I am a sucker for cake and ice cream!

  4. MM I am just like you when it comes to food!

  5. i eat what i want, then i look at the scale and say 'yikes! time to lose weight' so the vicious cycle repeats... but i mainly have memory associations with scent, and not so much with food.

  6. I eat choc. chip cookies because my dad always ate them. I DO love them, but they remind me of dad every time I bite into one.

    Sushi is all about my wife... Our first date (and my first sushi experience) was sushi. I wanted to impress her~ and eat everything. Ironically, I loved everything!


  7. Awww, I wanna share something different but I have memories of the same foods, even tho' we come from 2 different cultures, I'm sure.
    Fig Newtons-
    Nana always had them in her house. The only kind of cookie she had. I wonder if she did it on purpose? She had scads, is that how you spell scads? skads? anyway...she had a lot of grandkids and we didn't really care for them. More for her I guess! hahaha. I also remember she served us cream of wheat w/butter and brown sugar and you had to eat it with buttered toast because there weren't enough spoons to go around. :o)
    Corn- 2 ways.
    The first way was steamed w/zucchini, onions, garlic and tomatoes with some jack cheese melted on top. Mmmm! "Calabasitas" it's called- my favorite cold weather dish. The other way will sound really weird but we would have corn and cottage cheese as a side dish whenever we had tacos. I don't know why- it's just a dish my mom grew up on and we always had it, loved it, fought over it and never heard of anybody else eating it! It's good in hot weather and I'll eat it if we have a lot of cottage cheese left over.
    Oh! Lastly, Menudo! If you actually break it down it's cow stomach stew- which sounds disgusting. Growing up it was something that was very labor intensive so we only had it on special occasions and the herbs and lemon and big crusty loaves of bread that went with it? Ahh! Heavenly!

    haha- ok, I went a bit overboard I guess. Come on over to my place and feel free to comment like a crazy woman!

  8. Seems like whether it is scents or foods, we remember don't we. Very cool.

  9. I try and eat right but it never seems to work out for long. I have a definite carb addiction!

    For me, the tastes that bring memories are the jello cake my grandma used to always make just for me. I was always amazed at how the jello just soaked into the cake. Also dill dip...she made a mean dill dip and now when I have dill (which I LOVE) it always reminds me of her.

  10. i can totally relate...

    there was this really awesome ice cream product (they no longer exist now :( ) back then when i was a kid and whenever i remember the taste--it really takes me back to my childhood days... especially during my bday when i was 3.

    chocolate porridge reminds me of my dad cos i used to love it and he would always cook it for me... chicken curry for my mom lol

  11. I eat what I eat because I like it. It's plain and simple. Why do I like it? Because I grew up with it mainly. We are a product of our environment and food is no different. Look at all the people who have a favorite food memory from their past. Mine is homemade chocolate ice cream. The memory is sitting on my granddaddy's back screen porch in the country (south Georgia back in the day). The ice cream freezer was hand turned. Somebody had to sit on the top of it while someone else manually turned the crank. I have no idea why someone had to sit on the top now that I thin about it. But the ice cream (or "cream" as Granddaddy called it) was the highlight of my visit. It was made with cocoa, sugar, eggs, flour and milk (whole milk of course since there was no 2% back then). I still make it, use the same recipe minus the eggs and it still tastes like those good ole nights sitting on the screened porch in the country, back in the day.

  12. Y'all are making me hungry! Let's eat!


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