Saturday, October 17, 2009

Simple Saturday vs Shopping Marathon

There is nothing I have to do today.  Delicious!  Husband is out taking a long walk in his new jacket.  Total silence in the house except for computer keys clicking away with a mind of their own.  On my 4th, at least, cup of coffee.

This is our first pretty cool morning.  Delicious!  Long PJs. A few leaves beginning to turn.  Sweet.

Yesterday my neighbor-friend took me shopping with her.  Only bargain shopping. This classy lady is a master.  We spent three hours and had so much fun getting stuff for nothing practically.  I am a minimalist but even I found some things I couldn't live without, and some Christmas presents!  Even heard Jingle Bells playing...please no, not yet.

Then, after this non-shopper, me, has been shopping for 3 hours, Larry calls after work.  Usually he is drained, exhausted, gets home late, eats, sleeps for tomorrow.  He's a passionate teacher and it wipes him out.  He loves the kids and is great with them. Really good teacher. Had to get that in "Justin Case" he reads this.  It's true though.  Anyway,  I am so tired and starving after the gym plus 3 hours of fun but intense shopping.  I'm ready to go home and chill on the sofa with a big fat sandwich.  Phone rings.  "Hey!" says Larry.  "What do you want to do tonight?"  How about a bubble bath, food, and sleep, I think to myself.  He says, "I thought we'd go shopping.  I want to get a lightweight jacket."  Oh no, I'm thinking.  This man is a shoppeeeeeeeeeeeer extraordinaire!  Never would he go in just one store, buy something, and leave.  I had to beg off.  He was fine with that.  After all, what are cell phones for if not to give frequent shopping updates.

Finally he is home, 5 hours later.  See why I didn't want to go?  He tells me all about it.  He has been, I kid you not, to Steinmart, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross, PGA SuperStore, Champs,  Macy's, Belk's, and, lastly, J C Penney's.  I could have left someplace out.  He tries on all the jackets, takes notes, knows what he wants, and finds it.  Always quality, usually at the best price.

Here is a picture of the new jacket.  It is pretty cool, huh? (I don't like it w/the plaid shirt though). It has velcro closures instead of buttons; all the jackets do this season he tells me.  It is waterproof.  It has a hood.  It has really cool colors and zippers.  It was regularly $120, on sale for $40. 

Go, man, go!!! Gotta love him.  And I do.


  1. you are so lucky! i could never find a guy who loved to go shopping with me. too bad you were all shopped out. :)

  2. Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    A woman who does not like shopping? Please tell me no! My husband hates shopping, avoids all stores like the plague but me I love it!

    The coat for $40 looks like a great find.

  3. Happy Saturday Sharefest! My hubs cant figure out why I have to try clothes on-- don't they all fit the first time? If it were only that easy. So, I don't like to go shopping because he always wants to go, but never wants to stay long enough for me to get something. ;)

  4. I know I am lucky. He's a good egg when it comes to shopping. He got it from his mother.

  5. Hi Sandra! I agree, all Sandra's should follow each other! We should start a blog support group or something! lol

    Regarding your post, it sounds like your neighbor took you thrifting, or just bargain shopping. That's my passion. I just wish I had more $$$$ to do it with!

    I look forward to following your blog.


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