Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maria Shriver Driving Like A Drunk Person?

I love Maria Shriver!  She has the most amazing hair, doesn't she?  As brilliant and talented as that woman is she would probably be dismayed that I first commented on her hair.  I don't know though.  We women are all invested in our hair whether we admit it or not.  Hence, the universal "bad hair day".

Her marriage has always fascinated me.  She, from the most famous liberal family of Democrats in our entire country....and Arnold, who has risen through the Republican ranks to become Governor of California. I bet when Tom Brokaw introduced them, he had no idea he'd attend their wedding.  What a match!  It must be interesting around their kitchen table, huh? 

Maria has reported the news, written 6 books, sponsored women's conferences, campaigned for Presidents and Senators, supported Alzheimer research, and promoted her mother's Special Olympics...all while raising 4 children, now ages 12 to 20.  And she is First Lady of California.

But right now she's in trouble with the law.  Rather she is in trouble with her husband's law.  And she is "caught on film".  OMG! I am so glad no one is following me around with a camera everywhere I go just waiting to catch me messing up.  It  seems Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar has passed a new law in California that you cannot be on a cell phone while driving, and, guess what!  She was!   He said he would "deal with her at home", or something like that. :)

I totally support this law.  I'm just teasing Maria this morning.  The Governor needs to have a talk with me too.  If I lived in California I would be in a cell with his wife.  I need to do better.

Do you use your cell phone in the car?  'Fess up.  Do you text while driving?  They say driving and talking on the phone, even hands free, is as risky as drunk driving.  Now that puts a new perspective on things doesn't it.  I bet other distractions like eating a sandwich, putting on lipstick and mascara, playing with your hair, smoking, turning around to swat at the kids, are all as bad as drunk driving.  We better be careful next time we hit the road!  There are a lot of us out there driving like drunk people.


  1. I saw this story and just had to chuckle! I agree they make an odd pair.

    I do use my cell phone sometimes while driving but not often since I drive stick. It requires a little too much coordination while trying to change gears!

  2. I live in California and this law went into effect on 7/1/09 with LOTS of announcements and communication before the fact. Maria had plenty of time and money to go buy a $30 ear piece or have one of her assistants do it for her.

    I occassionally talk on the phone in the car, but I do use a hands-free device.

  3. i only use cell phone in the car when i have to - like running late or getting lost. i do have a hands free piece. she should get double penalty considering who her husband is. :)

  4. I would be so embarrassed! But I still love her!

  5. I guess we all need to be more careful on this one. There is no law where I live but I need to get a hands free unit and just focus on driving. Thanks for your comments. Sandra

  6. I read the news item here in the Arab news..I admire the couple..Love reading anything about them..


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