Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Story Of Nine Rocks On A Post

I am cleaning up the clutter on my computer this morning and came across this post I wrote for another site several months ago.  I decide to publish it here because it really impacted me that day.  Hope you enjoy it.

This morning I was at the park taking a walk with my shihtzu, Buddy.  It's wonderful morning here! After days and days of much needed rain, the sun is shining and early summer is in the air. While I was stretching and getting ready to walk I noticed a pile of rocks on top of a post about eye level, and I casually wondered why they were there.  This is a story about that pile of rocks and the man who put them there.
After a couple of laps I fell in stride with another dog walker named Wes. Wes is also a senior citizen.  He is very large and his doctor has ordered him to get some weight off.  So he is walking his two adorable long hair dachsunds, Oscar and Joe. Their short little legs have to work hard and it is getting hot, so he gives them breaks.  Both dogs walk with him at once until one gets tired. Then one pup takes a rest inside the truck and the other gets 1:1 time with Wes.  Used to he would leave his pups on their leash and let them get water and rest (attached) under the truck.  They liked the shade and the outside air.  This was their routine for a long time.    

 As we started our third lap, Wes stopped, took a rock from the pile I had noticed, and moved it to the top of another flat post. Wes explained that every time he completes a lap he moves a rock from one post to the other.  So....when all the rocks have been moved to the second post, he has finished his 9 laps.  Pretty smart I thought.  Each lap is 1/3 mile so he is taking a 3 mile walk!  I was impressed.  Oh, and then he tells me he does this 3 times a day! he is walking 9 miles a day with his dogs and sometimes with a new friend like me.
 Wes lost 35 pounds the first year he did this. His doctor was delighted.

One day while Wes was walking one dog and one pup was resting under the truck, two big dogs attacked this little one.  By the time Wes got to the truck it was too late.  In rage and grief Wes got his gun out of the  truck and shot the offending dogs. Pretty scary! I hate guns. Period.  But that's what he did.

A court battle followed, grief continued, and Wes did not walk anymore.  He stayed home in his chair.  He felt guilty.  He grieved his companion.  He ate.  He got bigger and bigger and gained all his weight back.  He became depressed and just didn't  care.  A year has passed now and he is back to his walks. He is again walking 3 miles at a time, 3 times a day and moving the rocks from one post to the next.  But now his pups rest inside the truck where it is safe.


  1. There are so many lessons packed into this post.
    Be diligent.
    Don't overreact.
    Be careful where you rest.
    Have a system/a plan.

    and the list goes on and on.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. I agree with Andrea's list...

    I still feel bad for his dog and the grief that won over but I'm glad he's back on track once again...

  3. I agree with Andrea's list...

    I still feel bad for his dog and the grief that won over but I'm glad he's back on track once again...

  4. That is still a very good way of keeping count of how far he had walked! Brilliant idea, in fact! I was so sorry to hear about his dog though! I am terrified of guns, but if it came down to it, I would do just the same thing!
    Hope everything is going O.K. now though!

  5. i know how he felt - dogs are part of our family too. i carry a knife with me when i walk with mine after my friend's dog was attached by a big dog and died from it, and the big dog was nowhere to be found. no telling what i will do...but watch out, big dogs!

  6. That's a really sad story....

    It's a great idea about the rocks though to keep track.

    Glad he's back on track too.

  7. This is sad. It made my heart hurt but smacks of hope. Thank you

  8. Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments. You are the best. I'm on my way over to see you right now.

  9. Miss Sandra,
    Like Andrea, i feel this post is full of lessons, and Alice, for thinking the method is brilliant,and am with Sarah on thinking watch out big dogs.
    I love the way you find such wonderful stories to tell and the warmth with which you tell them.

  10. A sad story. But it was still a good read. I feel sorry for Wes.

  11. What a sad story. Definitely a lot of messages to take away but so sad on so many different levels. :(

  12. Thanks everyone. Whenever you go out and engage with people there is no telling what you will learn. I was so glad to have met Wes and I could have walked past him on the track with little more than a smile. I appreciate all of your comments and I hope you enjoy the day!


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