Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!

Hi Guys!

Thanks for all the comments you've left me at some time or other. I appreciate all of them. We bloggers all know how much fun it is to tune in and find a comment or two or ten or twenty! Send all your friends over to comment today.  I'm trying to set a comment record today of 70 minutes ago, it is my birthday!  I am officially old now and that very first Social Security check is on the way!  Senior discounts too!  Let's see, what else is out there just waiting for the newest Senior Citizen?  I already have a rocking chair.  They gave me one when I retired.  Isn't that a hoot! 

I know there is Bingo up at the Moose Club near my house.  Should I give that a try?  And I think they teach crocheting at the Senior Center and dominoes too.  Would that be fun? Should I start going to bed with the chickens (that means really early in case you didn't know) and take Geritol when I get up?   I don't know about that!

What do I really want to do in my 63rd year?  Let's see.
1.  I want to become a professional artist.  Hold me to that one.
2.  I want my hair to have a few more strands of gold than it has now, and a few less strands of grey.
3.  I want to have stronger muscles and bones this time next year.
4.  I want to play with my friends more and that includes Larry, my ever lovin' of 40 years, unless we are having a fight.  I mean, you know, this is real life we're talkin' here.  Don't worry, we'll get over it.
5.  I want to do a biking trip.  Could be one day or a weekend.  Somewhere flat.
6.  I want to get a pedicure once a month instead of once a year.  That's a radical thought!
7.  I want to get rid of all my clothes that I don't like even if I have to wear the ones I do like over and over again.  That's what we do anyway isn't it?
8.  I want to drink green tea every day, and eat a grapefruit too.
9.  I want  us to drive out West next summer and be gone for at least 2 weeks.
10. I want to go swimming more next summer too, lots more than this summer.
11. I want to memorize the world map!  Back to 4th grade I guess!

Of course I want world peace just like Miss America always says.  I want us people of the Earth to be kinder and gentler and stop arguing and fighting so much, puleeeeeze!  I want people to get well and be healthy, hearts to heal, people to get jobs,  and everyone's life to explode with happiness and joy.  I want all to be well in the world.

And I want to do my part to make it so.



  1. What great goals, I concur with most of them. I am a first time visitor. Nice blog. TTFN

  2. Just want to wish you the happiest of birthdays, Sandra! Your list of goals sounds amazing. Cheers to having your best year yet!

  3. Happy Bday!!! I want to do some of those things too, you should totally do them all! Driving across country is so much fun! I've done it 5 times, luckily, due to moving so much. It's the greatest!! Let us know how it all goes. Have a great bday!!

  4. Happy Birthday! You have a great list. I just got rid of four garbage bags full of clothes I haven't worn in years. You can donate your clothes to a good cause like a battered women's shelter.

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Miss Sandra, Remember age is like mind over matter, you don't mind, it don't matter.
    now go climb mt.everest, lol

  6. You can not be 63! Your picture looks "much" younger. Hope you have a great day.
    Blessings, andrea

  7. Happy Birthday! What a great list!

    I've never even had a pedicure...hope to soon!

    Here's to a fabulous lady having a fabulous day!

  8. Guys! Thank you! You are makin' my day! So fun to hear from all of you. My son just called me so I'm high right now. He's cooking for his girlfriend and was checking a recipe. He was "raised right" as we say in the South! I love my big ol grown kids to death. Next time the phone rings it'll probably be the other one! I reminded them last week. They are boys and hey, I have learned to ask for what you want in this world!!! Enjoy your day!

  9. Happy Birthday Sandra! Hope you have a great day!
    Thank you for the lovely comments that you leave me, especially the one when I wrote a letter to my husband. People are still commenting on it now! It was just a blip that I had that day, but am I as strong as I really think that I am?
    I'm not really a bubble head! LOL!!!
    But I do like to write kids poems!
    Big Hugs, XXXX

  10. I hope you get to do everything this year on that bucket list. They seem very reasonable and doable.
    Great picture by the way!

  11. happy birthday! just came back from a trip. hope i didn't miss it! hope this time next year you'll put check marks to all your goals.

  12. Hope you are taking your vitamins! I've heard old age is tough. Get that bike ready. That trip sounds like fun!

  13. Thanks, everyone, for coming by and leaving comments. Ready to get started on the next year. It;s been a great weekend. Even the weather was nice.

  14. Happy Birthday! You look stunning ! resembling a duchess..I've seen in a magazine..(Promise I'm not flattering..)

  15. You are sweet Aynzan. I was at a tea room. They had hnudreds of hats and everybody chose one to wear for the day! Thanks for coming by.

  16. Happy Birthday!

    Rocking chairs are so awesome - I really wish that I had one and/or that our house had space for one. They are definitely the best chairs for reading in!

  17. 63 ... with that picture? Are you sure you didn't mean 36?


  18. You are sweet Gail. Sometimes cameras are better than real life, ya know?

  19. Knock, knock! Just dropping by to visit your blog and I've fallen in love with you! I enjoyed reading through some of your post and I love the way you share your wisom. I drink green tea every day, but I add a little sugar.

  20. Oh yea! Happy Belated Birthday!

  21. Thank you MomsWeb! You are too sweet. I'm just having fun. I put Splenda in my green tea. Can't go it alone!


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