Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween In An Antique Shop

Antiques are like a magnet.  People are drawn to them.  They reek of memories and ghosts.  My Grandparents had a farm and I spent lots of time there when I was very young.  I milked cows, picked cotton, churned milk into butter, picked corn and beans, went fishing, talked to the cows, played ball in the front yard, laid on my back looking at the stairs, played with the kitties, and on and on.  When I go into antique shops, I see all the stuff from that time.  People die but stuff lives on forever!

I was raised "in town" and I am a contemporary girl. I want to be about the latest and the greatest.  I love today more than yesterday.  The past is, well, past.  There were people who shall go unnamed who wanted me to stay there, in the past, and live that same life again but I had to say "No".  No way.

I put mother in the "rolling chair" as I call it and took her antiquing yesterday up in the mountains.  After a yummy lunch, she said she would "stay in the car" and I could go in the shops.  "What?  I don't even like antiques," I thought to myself.  She got out!  We ended up spending 3 (!) delightful hours  in one antique store looking at every little thing.  Mother had a ball.  She told me what things were, she told me stories about those things, we feigned sticker shock over today's prices. We bought things. They are all just things but memories and people are all tied up in things.   

I like to think Halloween in an antique shop is like Halloween in a grave yard but not as scary.  All those who've passed on come out to play with their stuff for awhile on Halloween.  Like that children's story when the animals come to life at night, and the skin horse and the velveteen rabbit play.

My mom's 89 and this was a great day for her.  She loves to look back on those 89 years and remember what "was".  I understand that.  It was also a perfect day for what "is", changing leaves and crisp air ushering in a new season, and clear beautiful sunshine to light the way into all the newness and aliveness that is yet to come. 


  1. It sounds like you had a great day. I'm a live in the here and now kind of gal, too.

  2. Miss Sandra, i can smell the old rose oil hair cream ever time i go into an antique store, i use to have a flea market and it always smelled old, lotsa people love thet stuff though, prices, what the market will bear, thats the motto. Nrver did understand all the hoopla, just made money at it.lol

  3. i like antiques - some of them are very expensive, but all of them are fun to look at and imagine how people use to live and look. the farm life you described sounds like fun too! the rose oil hair cream must be a southern thing?

  4. i love trips down memory lane, and antiques and kitschy stuff but i love the modern too --- i get it

    sounds like a fun day w/ mom

  5. My mom's home is full of those old memory items. I sometimes think she never left her teen years or early adult years, that maybe she still lives there. I dunno. The present is pretty good too, but it seems to me that she's not focused on that so much as living in the past....which I don't get either.

  6. It was a fun day. Now back to the present! People are more important than things. You are all important in my bloggin' life! Thanks for bein' here.

  7. What a beautiful way to look at the antiques. I am so glad your mom decided to get out of the car with you.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on arise 2 write. My hubby and I will be back in the mountains the first week of November with Sitka (our Alaskan malamute).
    Blessings, andrea

  8. Where I live, it is stuffed with antiques and old stuff! But my own rooms are modern and contemporary. I do like to wander around looking at the old stuff though, it's a bit like living in two worlds at times! But my favourite place is right here, in front of the fire, lying on the floor with my computer. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is done for the day, everyone has gone to their own homes, and Im here on my own, but yet, I never FEEL alone, and there is always someone nearby.But I love my life!

  9. Sounds like a terrific day and I love shopping for antiques with my Mom for the same reasons. I love the stories that come along with the things we see and inevitably I learn something about her or my grandparents that I didn't know!

  10. It's interesting how we all add meaning to our days and share those days with others who do the same. Thanks for your comments and for sharing your experiences with old, old things.

  11. What a special time for y'all. My Mom and I shared a love of antiquing, too. Thanks for sharing this poignant tale...

  12. My wife loves loves loves antiques shops... she and her mom actually just went~ can spend hours looking, buying, looking and buying more.

  13. Ifound you through another blog
    and i'm glad i did.
    I love, love antiques. I have a ton of them in my house. BTW I've post some of them in my blog.
    My favorite thing to do is wandering downtown and popping into antique's shops.
    I plan a trip to London for that reason.
    I'm lucky i've met you.
    I'm following:)
    I'd love to have you in my blog.
    Happy Wednesday!

  14. Sandra, Bob has elected to let me select this weeks winner of our award, and I have decided to let the past winners to each select their favorite for the award, I would really appreciate your choice.

  15. A day spent with my mom and Granny looking at antiques is one of my favorite things to do=)
    Thanks for stopping by today=)

  16. Sarah, It is a fun time and time well spent that's for sure!


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