Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween At Midnight

Once upon a time the night was dark as ink....the moon was red as blood....and Halloween was back. 

The little princesses, and Supermen, and pirates, and ghosts in sheets were still asleep dreaming about tonight when they would knock on doors, take candy from strangers, stay up late, eat sugar, and have fun breaking all the rules of regular life.  Today is not regular life though....and everybody knows it.

While you are sleeping and still you lay, the real ghosts and goblins come out and play.  They float through the night just out of your sight.  They haunt your place; it was once their base. They were here first they say with a curse!  This night is theirs, and they have no cares.  From midnight til dawn they play and tease.  They trick you and scare you, when someone says boo.  Then you turn around and scare someone too!

"Did you hear that?", her hubby she wakes. "I hear something in the kitchen!"  And he starts to shake.

"There's a monster in my room!", yells little Jack.  He really knows that you have his back. 

Granny says, "What is it I see? Are you coming for me?  Is my time at an end?  Or are you a friend?"

Everybody hides under the covers where it is safe.  Nothing can ever get you under the covers, not even on Halloween.  Go to sleep earthly ones.  It is your time to sleep.  We are back for today.  You will see us all day if you look.  "Who turned on the coffee?", they say.  "Did you bring in the mail?"  "No?'  "I know I didn't make the bed today...yet it is made!"  "I know I put gas in the car!"  "Who ate the cheese?" "Did you get my message?"  "Yes I did leave you a message!"  Strange things happen on Halloween.

Let them have their fun.  Let them play and run.  By all means, keep them happy.  They could pick up your bed, spin it around, and drop it if you make them mad.  They could slam your doors all night, and open and shut your drawers, and make you crazy just a tad.  The cat could scratch and claw your eyes and be very bad.  The chain saw could rev up and come after you,  The axe could too..  The vampires could take a bite out of your neck.  Oh my gosh, what the heck!  It is their time to play, get out of their way.

Get under the covers and stay there till dawn.  The light is your friend, darkness be gone!  Light makes them be sad, they can no longer be bad.  It is finally day, and you can play. 


  1. Sitka has an award for you at All GOD's Creatures.

    Blessings, andrea

  2. Loved this! There is nothing in the dark that is not there during the day...but I pull the covers up over my head, and am thankful when the morning comes!

  3. Oh how i loved this!
    Last paragrahp is so optimistic!

  4. Thanks guys. 2 days til Halloween!

  5. Loved the story, sets a perfect mood for Halloween, now when do we talk menopause Lol!?

  6. Loved the story! Happy Halloween!

  7. Welcome KaLynn and Meno New Mom! Glad you liked the story. Come back again soon.

  8. Thank you so much for your kind words. And i loved your perspective and i'm with you.
    hugs hugs

  9. This was lovely. :) Happy Halloween!! :)

  10. Miss Sandra, man I loved this,
    and there is a treat for you too.

  11. This was great! I love your blog!!!

  12. Miss Sandra,
    for the reals, there is an award waiting on you

  13. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Bess. It is proudly front and center on my site!!! XOXOXOXO


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