Monday, October 19, 2009

What? Me Exercise?

Just dressed, stretched, ready to head for the gym.  How in the world am I going to kickbox this morning?   I have no idea but Lucy, our fearless leader, will get me there.  I started to say she will ease us into it but that would be a lie.  We'll stretch out and then give it a go.  Somehow it feels good to sweat to the bone and breathe like you're going to pass out.  I made sure they have a defibrilator!!!!  I'm not exactly a spring chicken you know.  Who cares!  It's  good for the soul and body.

What keeps me going back for more torture?  I mean it's a chilly, no actually it's cold, morning here and I could snuggle in so easily and have more coffee.  I really go because it's fun.  Children play.  We should too.  It's where I go to play.  The music gets cranked up and get to know all the new songs... which I would NEVER know on my own. "I'm so 2008 and late!"  Know that one?  The beat is amazing.  I like rock and roll but, man, this stuff is made to move the bod. 

So the music, the girls, Lucy, all serve as little magnets to get me off my butt.  Really, though, I want my bones to be strong.  My mother's aren't anymore even though she was always on the go.  I want long, lean muscles so I can be strong and do for myself forever.  I want to be able to walk long distances when "the Larry" FINALLY retires and we get to travel.  I want my weight to stay put and not soar to the heavens with these delicious holidays coming up.

So there ya go.  That's why I go and where I go.  If I leave now I'll be right on time and start punching and kicking like there's no tomorrow, smiling and gasping for air the whole way.  Get some exercise today.  The gym may not cost as much as you think.  Mine is only $20 a month with free daycare.  Take the stairs, park far away.  You know the drill.  Move more.  Maybe find a gym you like.


  1. My day is not complete without a trip t the Y---I need that hour of ME time and the exercise and friendship that I get there sure make the early morning trips worth it=)

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  2. I used to go running every morning, until I broke my ankle earlier this year. It was then that I discovered that it was impossible to run backwards and talk at the same time!
    That was the morning that I swear that I heard the cows laughing at me!
    It was also the time that I became totally addicted to now it takes me all day to do what I used to do all night!

  3. I'm now your newest follower! I have to hear more about this!

  4. Miss Sandra,
    I exercise all the time my self, I do the bud lift, the miller swim, and the heinekin hustle, I stay in perfek drinkin shape at all times.

  5. I walk for an hour Mon-Fri mornings. In fact, last week I started adding some jogging in there and I love it. My goal is to be able to jog the whole hour. I'm no where close, but it's good to have a goal.

  6. hmm that made me want to go to a gym - for a second. i think the key is to go with your friends so there's a push for each other. good for you!

  7. It's been awhile since I've been to the gym. Just been lazy. And they took away all the 'good' classes because of the economy. Boo!! =(

    I did love the kickboxing class though. SO fun! =)

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!!

  8. Thanks everyone! I am inspired. We are one fit bunch of bloggers here! Even if we are sittin on our butts a good while blogging every day! Bob has his own way of exercising, but, hey, whatever works! I did live through it, puffin and pantin! Alice, thanks for the follow!! See ya soon.

  9. Been day-dreaming about exercising now for many years:)... but I keep telling myself that with all of the house-work I have to do every day, my time would be better spent working out in here; then I glue myself to my laptop. I did play tennis for the first time in years two weeks ago, the last temperate day of the year here. Ah well! Congratulations to you guys/girls for getting out there and shakin' your bacon!

  10. Kickboxing sounds great. I bet that would be very therapeutic!

  11. I love kickboxing! It makes you so empowered!

  12. I really need to get exercise into my daily if not weekly routine! I keep saying I will but never get around to it!

  13. I've got to get back to the gym.

    Blessings, andrea

  14. I appreciate your comments. I go through spurts of exercising. Sometimes the couch and ice cream win for weeks, then I shake it off and get back to it and try harder to keep it up. If you need to get back to it, you will when you can. Good luck to all of us on this one!

  15. I appreciate your comments. I go through spurts of exercising. Sometimes the couch and ice cream win for weeks, then I shake it off and get back to it and try harder to keep it up. If you need to get back to it, you will when you can. Good luck to all of us on this one!

  16. Thinking earlier today "What a great guy I am!" and "Wow, how can I be so healthy at MY age?" Well, it probably just ain't so.

    I exercise NADA. I eat terrible. A lot of behaviors I do right--finally--but physical stuff, jusy it never happened, and not it's almost too late!

    So, instead of telling you and your Peeps how to do it (live life) I'll cool it and wait for a different topic, one with minimal perspiration, maximum inspiration.

  17. BOOM BOOM POW!!!
    LOVE IT!!!
    I love the gym! I live for the gym - and when I miss days back to back - it kills my soul!
    Glad to hear you love it too!
    Did you see my blog about my gym? with my before and after pictures?
    (oh yeah girl - i put em out there!) It holds me accountable that way!
    Anyway - love the post!
    have a great day!


  18. Thanks Tami! Can't wait to go see your gym post!


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