Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

I almost missed it!  It's  11:00 PM and I just found out today is Blog Action Day.  One day a year, October 15,  bloggers come together and focus on one topic to raise awareness around the world. This year's topic is Climate Change and the Environment.  So let's talk.

Lots of people believe there is something to Global Warming and many people don't.  I am one of those who do.  There is research to show the changes are happening.  It's almost impossible to comprehend the huge effect if Antactica becomes just one degree warmer as scientists predict.  Time will tell.

We've always had climate changes, some significant, some not.  We have been in a drought here for the last 2 years.  Lakes have almost dried up.  Docks have been left standing in dirt where there was a lake just two years before.  We just had two weeks of  flooding and we are officially out of drought status!  This is a good thing.

We've always had record highs and record lows, record rainfalls, hurricane winds exceeding the norm, and tornadoes whipping through. When I was a Senior in high school I went to a dance in April in the South and it snowed!  I remember because we wore satin dyed shoes and they "ran" just getting to and from the car.  Now that's a climate problem.  So is a rainy day when you have to be out and end up working in wet, soggy clothes for an hour, or a windy day when you're getting your picture made and your hair blows upside down on your head.

I'm just being facetious about those little things.  They are all normal.  But real Climate Change, or Global Warming, will impact us more than we can imagine.  So we do what we can.  And if everybody does a little, it makes a difference.  My thing is reduce, reuse, recycle.  That's so easy to do.  Planting trees helps and so does giving our car a frequent day off.  Fewer emissions helps the environment and a little goes a long way if we make it a lifestyle change.

Or we could just ignore it.  Go over to Sarah's blog and read her Blog Action story.  Today, thank goodness, it is just a story. Hopefully it will stay that way.


  1. great job, and in such a short time too!

  2. Thanks for the reminder Sarah!

  3. Science doesn't lie! Great post!

  4. Miss Sandra, where have all the, glaciers gone, long time melting there, where have all the snow caps gone, some time ago.
    Bob Dylan would be proud, huh?

  5. You done good, Bob. I'm singin' along! Thanks.


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