Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Is Your Favorite Name?

Since so many of my new blogging friends are young mothers (and VERY creative), I thought I would share one of my artsy fartsy interests with you. Always and forever I have wanted to be an artist. I've always thought you were either born an artist or you weren't.  I didn't know that you can also LEARN to be an artist, but you can. I have been studying drawing for 8 months and I will start oil painting very, very soon. Yes, I am excited, excited, excited....and it's never too late to do what you love.

What I am going to share came years ago when I was a young mother like lots of you are now. It was a time  I loved... being a SAHM, but I had more time than money, and started doing these for gifts. It was more like doodling really. I did it when my kids took their naps and soon friends began to request them. First thing I knew I was at an arts and crafts fair and ended up with way too many orders to create "before Christmas". Fun though and gave me a focus, that's for sure.

These drawings are bright watercolors done in primary colors or sometimes girly colors. Occasionally I will still do one on request. Just thought I'd show them to you. Some of you may do the same thing. It isn't art, more like cartoons. Anyway,here are a few samples. Some are not painted but you get the idea. You might like to try it yourself.


  1. Awww these drawings are really cute... :D I'm not good when it comes to drawing letters. lol

  2. Miss Sandra,
    Now I know why my parents named me bob.
    You can spell it how ever you want and it still makes a cute pikture.

  3. Hi checking in from SITS

    These are very cute. It's nice to always have marketable talent to fall back on

  4. that was very creative. what a good idea for christmas cards! i'm sure your oil paintings are going to be great.

  5. Those are really cool:)
    I hope you accept my blog award!

  6. So artsy fartsy and oh so very cute!!! LOVE them=)

    Stopping by from SITS

  7. How very cute! I always wanted to be artistic as well. It's great to know it CAN be learned.

  8. Very cool!

    I love naming and names. I'm sure I'll have a few names for you to sketch in the next few years ;)

  9. Those are beautiful- you definitely have talent!

  10. Love these 'crafty' little drawings. Very creative.My children will be thrilled to try this and get the hang of it...


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