Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Walk AT The Beach, Not ON The Beach

Took a long walk around the island yesterday in observer mode and here is what I saw! The first picture explains why I wasn't walking ON the beach. If you plan to actually walk on the beach during high tide, think again. Not happenin'. Come back in 6 hours for sand between your toes!

Is your little one missing a shoe?

Flowers in a window box even I could grow!

Ooooh, my hubby is jealous now! HaHa! I fit right in with this fun bunch of guys. I don't know any of them but they are mighty fine! They loved the photo op too. All their wives are out shopping and they, these men, are sitting around "talking". When their wives return I just betcha the women will take over the talking and the guys will suddenly fall mute.

My favorite new shop on the island! It just opened in May and is just divine...smells even better than divine. It's called Dutchmans Casual Living Store. You will love it too.

Here is Laura. It's her store! She has a blog about it too. Go visit her in person next time you are in St. Simons. If you can't make it in person, go visit her blog.

Oh, it's another shoe!!!! Now if i could just find the child!
It's interesting what we see when we are in observer mode and actually take time to look around us. Once I even found a diamond ring!


  1. How fun! I love the beach...I'm envying you from my landlocked position...

    Visiting from SITS--have a great day!

  2. Sandra,
    I can see your having a wonderful time. I have not checked your blog in quite a while. I love it, was worried there for a few min about BUddy.
    Talk with you soon.
    Hope you get a little sunshine while your at St. Simons

  3. What an awesome walk! I always wondered what happened to the kids shoes when they were small. These pictures explain a lot, mmm?

  4. Thanks for stopping in guys. Lora,nice to meet you! It has been a beautiful and wonderful week here. I've been coming here so long I could easily live here one day. Hmmmm....
    Marsha,now if I had found socks we would have the answer to the socks riddle. Janie, I am looking forward to seeing Buddy, that's for sure. Y'all take care.

  5. You know, washing machines really DO eat socks. I found that out one day.

    Is there yet another sock monster out there?

  6. I love St. Simons island. It's my dream to move from North Georgia to St. Simons.
    Awesome walk!

  7. Thanks Pam. I relate. Everytime we go down, we think about moving there too. You never know!

  8. So fun! I always miss the beach when I'm away from it (which is about 51 weeks a year, lol!)

  9. We were at SS Island last year for our friend's wedding party! They have a house there and the party was at Jeckyl and we stayed at the J Island club! Both places are super special!

  10. Wye,
    I went to Jekyll alot when I was growing up because it's not that far. It hasn't changed one bit because it's a national park and can't be touched. The Jekyll Island Club is definitely the best thing there.So nice! Never stayed there but had lunch once. Super. I love St. Simons so much more cause there is stuff to do there and growth. I bet the wedding was just so beautiful!


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