Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What President Obama Said!

I just watched the President talk about Health Care Reform. I'm so sick of all the banter between the political pundits, all the spin both ways, and all of us out here who listen to these spin doctors trying to figure out the truth. It has set neighbor against neighbor. Who can even believe this behavior? So I listened tonight to decide for myself. I took notes. This is what I heard the President of the USA say with my own ears.

1. Medicare is safe. It will not go away. It is a sacred trust from generation to generation.

2. Health Care will not cover illegal immigrants.

3. Federal dollars will not cover abortions.

4. Senior citizens will receive good care. No one will who gets treatment and who doesn't.

5. If you like the insurance you have now, you can keep it.

6. You cannot be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

7. Nothing will be added to the deficit.

8. We will have choice and competition.

If you didn't get to hear it, I promise you straight out, this is what he said.


  1. I just watched it too. What a clear message to the US and Congress. Now Congress needs to get off the stick and vote for it.

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  2. if only the words spoken by that parasite were truthful, life might be a little better.
    But you do know its all lies right?
    Just like everything(almost) that he has said is. His aunt lives off the tax payers and gets everything covered. So illegals dont get it, except the millionaire presidents illegal aunt. I hear it was another great speech tho :D

  3. Unfortunately people only hear what they want to hear. If they already have their mind made up, they hear lies and half truths. If you're open, then you can really hear what is being said and make your own decision.

    Politics drives me batty and I feel more and more that I just tune out the pundits and people to the extreme sides of the issues. I barely watch the news anymore. It's just so maddening!

    It's crazy to me that people want to keep it the way it is, especially when you can keep your own insurance the way you have it now.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I am just hoping and believing for the best. I know we can do better!


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