Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine Things To Do On 9-9-09

9 Things To Do Today:
1. Eat 9 fruits and veggies.
2. Get 9 hours of sleep.
3. Exercise at least 9 minutes.
4. Name 9 things you treasure.
5. Communicate with 9 people you truly like.
6. Write down 9 things you still want to do in 2009.
7. Think of 9 healthy foods you love.
8. Write down 9 things that bring you joy.
9. Leave a comment for your favorite 9 bloggers.

Here's where I am:1. Already had watermelon, tomato, lettuce, potato so far. Need 5 more.....
2. Yes. Done.
3. Not yet. Plan to ride my bike for 9 minutes after while.
4. My husband, my family, my dog, my home, my job, my security, my flowers, my friends, my the top of my head.
5. I'm doing that right now.
6. I want to swim in the lake, bike ride, begin oil painting, see Trip, lose 8 pounds, build my businesses, spend a whole weekend with my girlfriends, go to a Falcons game, celebrate my birthday.
7. Cherries, black seedless grapes, whole wheat bread, bananas, roasted peanuts, coffee, veggie salsa, baked potatoes, broccoli salad.
8. Babies, good sweet watermelon, friends and readers, vacations, a good book, good vibes, lots of comments on my blog, inspiration, great sleep.
9. Just about to do that!

Make your list!

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