Sunday, September 13, 2009

Listening To Learn. Learning To Listen.

This blog is always about learning new things in some round about way, right? Listening is a blazing way to learn new things. Here's the secret. Hang around with people who are smart and who know things you don't. Take today for example.

I went to the lake with my 3 BFFs to celebrate a birthday and go boating on the lake. The baby of our group is Karen. She is a holistic nurse working in a hospice facility so I learn all kinds of things about health and wellness, and, well, dying (in a good way) from her. When the group's baby is 58(oops! she's really only 53) that kind of tells you something about us, huh? Judy, another BFF, is a truly magnificent cook, expert shopper, (a skill developed by repeated exposure to EBay), and also a gardener with a really green thumb, so obviously I learn a lot from her. My other BFF is Carole, with an "e". She is a spiritual teacher and life coach. I would say she is a minister(which she is) but that would really paint the wrong picture. So, OMG, the things I have learned from her could fill volumes. Actually they do fill volumes. She is the author several books you might want to check out on her site.

I learned all this stuff just today--just from listening:

1. KoldKare is the very best thing to take the minute you feel sick with a cold.
2. Edgar Sawtelle, the Oprah book, is about dogs and has a dramatic and less than happy ending.
3. New Zealand is a laid back country with lots of wide open spaces and not densely populated.
4. When you go hiking, remember to save half your energy for the trip back and go uphill first.
5. Elephant ears plants will keep over the winter if you bring them but they won't look so good again until next spring.
6. Ferns do better with a lot of water, more than mine get.
7. CosCo has the best shrimp salad.
8. You don't have to be put to sleep to get dental implants but it probably helps.
9. The northern part of NZ is hot since it's near the equator and the southern part is near Antarctica so, you guessed it, it's very cold.
10. A half a whole wheat and peanut butter sandwich is a great dinner for husbands.
11. You can have a delightful time going boating without ever leaving the dock or getting wet if you have the right company.
12. Winter fruit contains apples and is sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg. Summer fruit is berries and pineapple.
13. Lexus will give you a NEW loaner car to use if your Lexus breaks down.
14. Serena Williams had a melt down in the U.S. Open last night.
15. A Spanchon is a King Charles Spaniel--Bichon mix.
16. Yellow jackets do not go come back to the same location every year. Isn't that good to know.
17. You can take a real estate class on line or in a classroom setting but you better study for the test either way. It's not easy.
18. Among the 3 of us we have 13 TVs.
19. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends "astragulus" to build the immune system against the flu.
20. We only had one question in our minds at the end of the day. We don't know if L-tryptophan is bad for you or not. Anybody know?

I said we went boating didn't I? Well, when you are boating with your BFFs, we learned that you really don't even have to crank up the boat! You just sit on the boat at the dock. Because when you are with your friends it really doesn't matter where you are. The very, very best thing I learned from today is how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends to love and who love me back. I hope you do too!


  1. Did not know that about yellow jackets! Great post!

  2. I LOVE this post!!! I also have 3 BFF's whom I spend alot of time with.. at the lake.. on the boat.. just sitting! That's hilarious!! I will blog lots more about them - but I have to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed this post about the BFF's AND all the new little tidbits of info you shared! GREAT post!!!


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