Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is Graffiti Art?

Well is it? The debate goes on. What should determine whether a piece of original art on a building should be "erased" or whether it should be highly prized and the artist rewarded? I am not talking about bathroom stall type graffiti or giant initials and names, but mural-like art that might spring up overnight without permission.

Some towns have established committees to look at each piece and decide. Another town has shifted its viewpoint and now actually contracts with graffiti artists to produce a look that fits in with the surroundings and environment.

I remember once when a senior girl and boy I knew very well spray painted a huge smiley face on the surface of the street in front of the high school the night before the last day of school. It was well done and gave everyone a big smile, literally, when they went home for summer. There was trouble over it but not big trouble. Oddly enough it was "painted over" with black paint which turned this light hearted painting into an ugly mess...but it was covered up!

I'm thinking that with a few guidelines perhaps this untamed art form, that has been around since ancient Greece and Rome, could be accepted for what it is: a personal representation of thought. I guess art is in the eye of the beholder after all, huh?


  1. Art is so subjective and I suppose it is in the eye of the beholder but I really think that graffiti is art. I certainly couldn't do it. It takes so much time and could that not be art.

    I have a more difficult time with the modern art. When I see a solid painted red canvas with a black line across it, I have a hard time calling that art although I suppose it is.

  2. I agree. I have a much easier time appreciating something that I cannot do and I know talent is involved rather than something anyone could do with a big brush and some paint! I have been studying art principles through drawing for 8 months and I will soon progress to painting, hopefully by October! Sandra

  3. I too agree that graffiti is art.So much of talent is wasted when it is covered up by the municipality!

  4. I have always appreciated the artistic aspects of graffiti. some of these works are truly amazing.
    I completely agree with Tater Tot Mom. art is subjective and while some people admire graffiti, others consider it waste :[


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