Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Didn't Realize I Was Lost Till I Started Looking For Myself!

I started this blog back in the spring for the math students I was tutoring privately... so my early posts are all about math. They are great posts, if I do say so myself, but no one ever looked at them. Imagine that! And I was having such fun! My son finally said, "Mom, math is really boring and nobody wants to read it". After I sulked for awhile I came out of the dark closet and admitted he was right. I knew it all along. It's not like there have ever been long lines to get a front seat in math class. I think it was just part of my transition into retirement and realizing that even though I was a teacher for a long, long time, that is no longer who I am.

Sooo the blog began to evolve a little bit along with me. For awhile I decided it should be "worthy", a place where people could learn a little something new each day even if it was completely useless information! Maybe I was really feeling that since I didn't "work" any longer, I should do something "worthy" every day? Hmmm. Ouch.

Art is currently my first love so you'll probably hear about that and I welcome any and all help from you artists out there and anybody else who has an opinion about the art I post. I love spirituality so that might show up. I adore my family and friends so you may meet some of them. Oh, and here is my puppy in today's post! I love him! See what you have to look forward to....(work with me here). LOL!

And I have a funny streak I have kept in check way too long too! What the heck was I thinking? I realized that part yesterday when I lunched with old friends I once taught with. Even though the food was mmmm mmmm good, it was the hilarity and laughter that made the day. Need more of that!

So followers, be patient. Please don't leave me. We're not getting a divorce. I just want to be FREE and let my hip hoppety brain go wherever the heck it wants to. That is what feels good to me. So stay tuned to see what's next because I actually don't have a clue!

And nobody has to learn anything if they don't want to! And I don't care if I end a sentence with a preposition or start it with a conjuction! HaHa!


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  2. That is the whole reason I started let my hippity hop brain (as you say) go where ever it may! I love to talk (write) and share things....people may or may not want to listen (read) but I love to do it!! And in the grand scheme of things - no matter what is going on in my life.. crazy, happy, sad etc, I always always always feel that writing is some of the BEST therapy out there!!!
    Keep writing and go where your heart may lead you! :)

  3. I agree. Unloading the brain is a bonus of blogging :)

  4. miss Sandra,
    i'm glad to hear thay i don't need no propositions with my prepositions, cause i don't know what thet is no ways.

  5. Journey! Journey! Journey!

    The answer's the same for everyone, yet ironically is completely different for everyone ~


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