Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Caligula! Toga On!

"Last week the world commemorated the birth of the inventor of the toga party! Had he lived (that is not been daggered to death by his own personal body guards) Caligula would have been 1997 years old on August 31st. Let's start getting ready now for whatever it is you call the second-millennium-anniversary coming up in 2012! Toga! Toga! Toga!" by Guest Blogger Richard Croker, Author of T0 Make Men Free, No Greater Courage, and The Boomer Century.

Now I never would have known about old Caligula except that my friend Richard is a brilliant historian. Speaking of his book on the Civil War, a fan writes, "It was one of the best reads and most researched books I've read in a few years. Thank you for your efforts....I look forward to your next book. I would easily compare your work to that of Michael Sharra or John Jakes. Well done."

And I shall add that togas are really just lots of white cloth, or dark if worn in mourning, wrapped and folded, not sewn or fastened at all. Roman nobility, men only, wore them. Women who wore togas were thought to be prostitutes. Now that's not fair! Things change, thank goodness. Today's togas are more fun, don't have to cover every bit of skin from neck to feet, and don't get women carted off to jail. They are more likely to denote a party in the air than any hint of class or sexism. Toga on!
Thanks Richard!


  1. Interesting info! Who knew? I'll check out Richard's books. Husband loves that genre. Thanks.
    Julie G.

  2. Glad you liked it Julie. Visit again!

  3. Now you can throw a real big toga party because you've been given an award!

    Stop by to see it!

    Toga, Toga, Toga!

  4. Wow! Congratulations! I mean it. And THANK YOU for choosing "me and my blog". I am so honored and I'll choose carefully who I pass the torch to. Very cool. Glad we can support each other.
    Toga! Toga!


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