Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Ya Havin' For Lunch?

This morning I packed my husband's lunch at 5:45 as usual.....lucky duck. I don't mind because I have the whole day to myself, and he is out there 9 to 5ing it as a Computer Science teacher in a large high school. I can picture him there because I taught in the same school! Me, I am enjoying retirement and having another cup of coffee.

Back to the subject. Today he will be having, by request, a green salad with a little shredded cheese and bacon bits, or baco-bits as he says. On the side, a ham sandwich on Double Fiber Whole Wheat bread with a Diet Coke. Not saying this is the greatest lunch in the world but he's a grown man and he likes it.

What is your school serving for lunch today? What is in the vending machines at school? Cokes or water? Candy or nuts? Studies actually show that kids will eat the healthy stuff if it is there for them. They don't say, "Hmm. Let me go find some MSG, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colorings, and high fat products."

Have lunch with your child at school and see what the choices are. Do what you can to promote healthy lunches and vending machine snacks for our kids. We all like a Snickers or a cupcake every now and then and that's fine. We just don't want to teach our kids that these are everyday treats.

Remember the Food Pyramid turned upside down a few years ago to include 6 food groups instead of 4? It tells us to build our diet around whole grains, dairy, fresh fruit and veggies, with just a little lean meat. How are you and your children doing with that? Getting your 5 or more fruits and veggies every day?

Teach your child early so you don't have to nag and unteach later. He'll thank you someday when healthy eating has become a natural choice. I am signing off to go have a fresh peach right off the tree and a slice of whole wheat toast with my next cup of joe. Enjoy your day and feed you and yours well. And remember to be an advocate for healthy food choices at your child's school.

I'm trying to close this post but keep thinking of those who have nothing to eat and it makes me sad.


  1. I had to learn myself about foods, but I learned it sooner than others, so I'm safe for now.

    Once I have kids, I do hope I can teach them properly.

  2. i remember when I went to school, well id go to a big building and stayed in the princables office :( i cant even spell that. back then tho there weren't vending machines. but we had Ph Ed, home economics, art an music. I want to cry, now we have non of those, but at least there is a day care to house the childrens children while they eat cup cakes. :(

    coke or diet, your lunch was perfect. all soda is poison tho

  3. i am going to the Walmart deli and having popcorn shrimp.
    don't laugh i have got to watch my waistline after all

  4. Thanks guys! I love popcorn shrimp. Really wish I could get off soda...they say it makes holes in yo bones??? I love it though.

    My school actually still has PE but they call it Team Sports and other such names.Home Ec is still around but called Family and Consumer Science. Art and music are still in but Drama was dropped this year. I could NOT believe it. Drama appeals to so mamy kids and helps them make it throught the rest of the day. Make that past tense. It's gone. Thanks for your comments. Eat well.

  5. i actually have my degree in speech, i loved drama, thats a real shame

  6. I had a lemonaid, rigatoni and vodka sauce. Yum Yum

  7. Hi AB! Thanks for dropping by. That sounds yummy...anything and rigatoni...never had vodka sauce though....how can a Budhist be anxious? Or are you playing?


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